I’m a pest expert and shock photo reveals Asian hornets are back in UK | The Sun

A PEST control expert has shared tips on how to protect yourself after a shocking photo revealed Asian hornets in the UK.

Asian hornets are bigger than normal wasps, dark in colour, and produce up to seven times more venom than a normal wasp.

A picture on a local Facebook group in Nottinghamshire showed Asian hornets here in the UK.

Stuart Halliday, 42, owner of Kill and Cure Pest Control revealed that people often think that because they have been stung in the past they won't have a bad reaction.

But wasps and hornets change their sting depending on what they have been eating.

He said if you get stung by an Asian hornet whose venom doesn't react well with your body – it could be fatal.

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Stuart said: "Hornets will also chase you for half a mile and will also stay above water waiting for you for up to 30 minutes.

"That means if you dive into a pond to get away from them you need to be able to hold your breath for half an hour."

To protect yourself from Asian hornets, experts recommend getting into a safe environment – where you can shut doors and windows.

Stuart said: "If you're in your shed with one get into your house immediately.

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"Shut the doors and windows straight away – they will look at ways to get inside to chase you.

"They also love pheromones – if you’ve got aftershave or perfume on and you suspect there's a nest near you they will follow your smell."

His number one tip is to get as far away as possible, getting into a sheltered place if possible.

Hornets will continue to attack if you try and brush them off – getting into your house, car or getting on your bike and riding as far away as quickly as possible is key.

The last time Stuart treated a hornets nest five years ago, he went through an ordeal.

He said: "When I go out on these jobs I have to wear a real thick suit.

"I treated the nest and they attacked me.

"They would not get off no matter how hard I shook." 

He had to drive half a mile down the road in his van before they started to get off because the smell was on his vehicle.

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When the pests are treated with pesticide it affects their nervous system, and their last port of call is to sting anything they can.

This comes after more than 20 nests were found in Jersey in the Channel Islands.

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