Inside Fauci's home office as doc is seen surrounded by pics of HIMSELF and his bobblehead

HERE'S a look inside Anthony Fauci's home office as the doctor is seen surrounded by photographs of himself and his bobblehead.

Social media users caught a glimpse of the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases' home office after the photo was shared on Instagram.

Twitter user Karl Dierenbach took to Twitter this week to share a photo of Dr. Fauci sitting in his office.

The tweet reads: "Fauci in his office, surrounded by pictures of Fauci, watching that scene from 'Fauci' where Fauci is in his office surrounded by pictures of Fauci."

The photo received dozens of comments, with one person tweeting: "Serious God complex there.

"And kinda disappointed to see those tiny bottles of hand sanitizer; a man of his stature should have a gallon jug of it for sure."

In the cluttered room appears to be hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, portraits of Fauci, large printers, a couch, a handful of plants, and books.

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Back in May 2020, at-home viewers also noticed the appearance of Fauci's home office when he appeared during a virtual Senate hearing, according to Mashable.

In his office, the same as what is seen in the recently shared photo, piles of paper and books are seen behind Fauci.

Other photos of Fauci in his office show baseballs, medals, and photos of what appear to be family members.

Photos of Fauci's office are circulating the internet once again, just one month after the doctor was under fire again after the National Institute of Health was accused of spending $1.2million on beagles to use for medical experiments.

Peta has accused the NIH and other labs of purchasing 5,000 beagle dogs and puppies over the past decade from Virginia-based supplier Envigo for experiments where the dogs were allegedly confined and some tortured.

It also accused Envigo of running a "puppy mill" where dogs were abused in conditions so bad that some of them died.

An investigator from Peta claimed to have found 360 dogs dead, according to Fox News.

Peta senior vice president of cruelty investigations Daphna Nachminovitch told Fox Envigo has been cited by the Department of Agriculture for the "hideous" conditions in the warehouses.

"They have been cited … for direct and critical violations," she said.

"For failure to provide basic necessities of life to these nursing mother dogs and their puppies, keeping animals in temperatures as high as 92 degrees without air conditioning, plunging needles into the heads of puppies to drain hematomas … and so much more."

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