Jeffrey Epstein estate hit with 23 lawsuits since his death seeking damages from $600M trust – The Sun

THE $600 million estate of Jeffrey Epstein was hit with 23 lawsuits in the four months after his death.

A quarterly accounting report filed by executors for the estate that was obtained by The Sun shows that 33 individuals or companies are seeking damages to be paid out from his $600 million trust.

A majority of the complaints against Epstein have been filed in three separate courts in New York.

Ten are being tried in federal court in the Southern District of New York, the same venue where Epstein was being tried on criminal charges prior to taking his own life in August.

Six of the ten have been filed by women who chose not to identify themselves in court papers, while the other four were filed by women who have gone public with their allegations of sexual abuse.

Maria Farmer, who claims she was violently groped by Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell in 1996, is one of the women.

Her sister Annie, who alleges that Epstein made her give him a topless massage when she was underage,also filed a separate complaint.

Teresa Helm was 22 when she claims Epstein sexually assaulted her during a job interview.

Juliette Bryant alleges that she was raped by Epstein multiple times, and that he emailed her a request for nude photos just months before his arrest.

In addition to those ten lawsuits, nine others have been filed in New York but in state Supreme Court.

This includes one complaint that lists nine Jane Does as plaintiffs and another filed by two unnamed females.

There are also complaints filed by Jennifer Araoz an Teala Davies.

Araoz sued Epstein days after he went to prison, and then refiled to sue his estate after his death.

She claims the convicted pedohphile abused her for over a year at his Upper East Side townhouse while she was attending a nearby school.

That complaint also names three of the women in Epstein's orbit as defendants – Ghislaine Maxwell, Lesley Groff and Cimberly Espinosa.

Davies claims she was raped for years by Epstein and then tossed aside when she informed him she had developed an eating disorder.

There are also individual complaints that have been filed in Minnesota by Charlene Latham, a Florida circuit court by a JJ Doe, one in Virgin Islands Superior Court by the territory's top attorney and another in the territory by Araoz after Epstein filed his will in VI probate court.

Epstein had made payouts between one and six million dollars in the past, which means that the estate could be looking at as total bill of over $100 million, and more lawsuits still to come.

This will all ultimately diminish the money set to go to his lone heir, brother Mark Epstein.

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