Kobe Bryant fans create more than 400 murals around the globe ahead of anniversary of his death

KOBE Bryant's fans and artists across the globe have created more than 400 murals worldwide and showed off their work in a special tribute video to mark the anniversary of his death.

The NBA legend tragically lost his life a year ago this week, on January 26, along with his 13-year-old daughter Gigi and seven others in a horrific helicopter crash in Calabasas, California.

Fan Mike Asner, created kobemural.com, which brings together Kobe murals from several counties, with a map showing photos and geographic location.

The website currently shows there are 437 murals documented in over 30 countries, including 247 in Southern California alone.

He has now been in contact with multiple artists and put together a moving video, showing the scope of the projects over different continents.

Mike told The Sun: "We have 24 artists from around the world, as 24 was his number.

"There are a lot in LA, but also other counties, sharing a quick story of their mural and their love and appreciation and inspiration for doing these pieces.

"It's very heartfelt. I wanted it to be uplifting. I didn't want it to be too somber.

"Each artist speaks for about 15 to 20 seconds. I filmed in Orange County and Los Angeles, and there are artists from France, Italy, China, Japan, New York, and Florida [who have sent content]."

Mike said he's found it "a pleasure" bringing fans from across the globe together to remember Kobe and continue his legacy.

"These guys and girls pour their heart and soul into these murals and these works of art," he said.

"I want to really translate that in a video piece where they get to talk about them in their own words."

Sloe, who goes by the Instagram handle @sloe_motions, speaks in the video showcasing his giant Los Angeles mural of Kobe and Gigi.

He says: "Kobe influences me day to day, I gotta make every single day count, just like Kobe did on the court.

"What Kobe did for Gigi was amazing, I just wanted to show that love and that affection of him guiding her [in heaven], just like he had her here, he has her up there."

The video also shows the biggest fluorescent mural in Hangzhou, China, created by @Louis.Zks on Instagram, featuring Kobe's message: "You asked for my hustle, I gave you my heart."

Speaking about Kobe's tragic passing last year, Mike told The Sun: "I was sitting on my coach in West Los Angeles, at first I didn't believe it, like millions of other people, it didn't seem real.

"Kobe is the unifying figure for my family, the unifying figure of Los Angeles and Southern California.

"I still haven't fully comprehended it. And this is therapeutic for me to do something, one small thing just to give back to him and the families and the fans.

"And I know for the artists and fans it's therapeutic to visit these murals and to make these murals.

"What has really, truly amazed me during this process is seeing collectively the love from every corner.

"No matter the background, ethnicity, or upbringing, everyone came together, there's a lot of unity."

Mike says some of the artists included in the project were not Lakers fans, or even basketball fans, explaining: "They're just fans of excellence and hard work and pushing through adversity.

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"People can be with their immediate family and go on a road trip to see one of these, and pay their respects safely from their car.

"We're living in a very strange time where we can't really do much, but art has been used for generations to heal."

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