Life-long vegetarian’s fury as McDonald’s staff ‘serve her chicken in veggie wrap’ – The Sun

A LIFELONG vegetarian has been left furious after finding CHICKEN in her McDonald’s veggie wrap.

Fuming Evie Topping, 22, ordered the wrap from fast food joint in Exchange Walk, Nottingham city centre, around 8pm on Friday.

The snack was supposed to consist of a veggie goujon, shredded lettuce and tomato ketchup, wrapped up in a toasted tortilla.

But she and pal Simone, 23, were stunned to discover pieces of chicken inside the wrap instead.

She tweeted a video of the wrap, saying it had ruined her and Simone's 20-plus years of being vegetarian.

In response, McDonald's has apologised and said it will send her some vouchers "as soon as possible".

The company said staff would make "every effort to make sure that such problems do not happen again".

It added: "Many apologies for your upset and distress.

"To help make up for your experience and to say sorry that it didn't meet your expectations, we would like to send you some vouchers towards a meal which you can use at any of our UK restaurants."

However Evie, a masters student at Nottingham Trent University, told Nottinghamshire Live that it was "pretty bad" that they had just offered her vouchers.

She has also asked for the value of her original meal to be refunded.

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