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THE severed foot of a missing female fraudster could have drifted 250 miles before it washed up on a beach, an inquest has heard.

Melissa Caddick, 49, disappeared from her swanky home in Sydney, Australia, on November 12, 2020, after cops raided the pad.

She was facing mammoth fraud charges after allegedly swindling clients out of at least £7.3 million in invested funds.

Three months later, the mum's rotting foot was mysteriously found washed up on Bournda Beach, some six hours away from the capital.

Police assumed the gruesome discovery meant she was dead – although other extraordinary theories have also begun to swirl.

It has been speculated that Caddick may have cut off her own foot in a bid to throw authorities off the scent.


Chilling twist in case of missing female ‘fraudster’ who ‘cut off own FOOT’

Now at an inquest into her presumed death, experts have revealed a shocking discovery that could provide more context to the timeline of her bizarre disappearance.

Oceanographers examined goose barnacles found on the foot and learned the limb had likely been floating for three to seven days off the coast of New South Wales.

Marine expert Dr David Griffin said it was entirely possible Caddick's corpse may have floated close to the ocean floor for three months.

He suggested that in the time between her vanishing in Sydney and the foot washing up, it could have been resurfaced after around 93 days by the strong currents.

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Dr Griffin told the inquest at New South Wales State Coroner’s Court: "The NSW coast is the most energetic oceanographic part of Australia.

"It is highly unlikely anything can just drift along the continental shelf without getting caught or snagged."

Assistant Commissioner Michael Willing said the foot was in a state of decomposition after being in the water for "some time".

He added: "It remains a mystery as to when and how she came into the water."

The discovery of Caddick's Asics trainer containing the decomposed foot has continued to baffle investigators.

Her husband Anthony Koletti has also found himself at the centre of the case and was previously a suspect in her disappearance.

Cops noted he made several "strange" remarks after the 49-year-old vanished and that "his story changed multiple times".

Koletti has never been charged in connection with her disappearance.

At the explosive inquest, he vehemently denied playing any role in his wife's disappearance and assisting her escape.


He also brushed off claims he delayed reporting her missing to buy time or avoiding police attention, 9News reports.

The hairdresser and part-time DJ was quizzed about his conflicting recollections of the day Caddick disappeared to officers.

He said the day was "all a bit of a blur" before admitting his memory of it was "quite hazy".

But he was dismissed from the witness box after becoming "confused" and distressed when answering questions.

The dad's lawyer told magistrates he would undergo a health assessment before returning to give evidence.

Caddick's brother Adam Grimely has also lent Koletti his support, saying the family were "floored" that authorities were seemingly "going after" him.

 In an affidavit, her sibling slammed counsel for presenting "unverified gossip as fact".

Caddick is said to have been operating a Ponzi scheme, while her parents even claimed she scammed them into purchasing a property.

She swindled friends and family to subsidise her extravagant lifestyle.

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Authorities are liquidating the missing 49-year-old's assets, including her multimillion-dollar home, two luxury cars and designer clothes.

Koletti has filed a Federal Court claim of entitlement over matrimonial property on the basis of his "financial and non-financial contributions".

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