Man accused of killing Tinder date tries to slash own throat in court

Shocking moment man accused of strangling his Tinder date, 24, to death with an extension cord slashes his throat in court after screaming that his ‘accomplice’ girlfriend is innocent

  • Aubrey Trail, 52, is on trial for killing and dismembering Sydney Loofe, 24, in Nebraska in November 2017 
  • His girlfriend, Bailey Boswell, 25, allegedly helped him kill and dismember Loofe 
  • Trail on Monday slashed own throat with object during a court hearing in Wilber
  • ‘Bailey is innocent and I curse you all,’ he said before stabbing himself in neck 
  • He was rushed to hospital and his condition is not known at this time 
  • Trail claims the death was accidental and it resulted from ‘sexual asphyxiation’ gone wrong 

Shocking video shows a man slashing his throat during his own trial for murder in a Nebraska court house on Monday while professing the innocence of his accomplice girlfriend.

Aubrey Trail, 52, is accused of suffocating and dismembering a young woman with the help of his female companion Bailey Boswell, who is to stand trial herself later in the year.

During the hearing, Trail leapt to his feet and yelled ‘Bailey is innocent and I curse you all,’ before stabbing himself in the neck with an unknown object, journalists in the audience said.

He was transported unconscious on a stretcher out of the court room, local television reports showed. 

Aubrey Trail, 52, is seen above in the white shirt the moment he stabbed himself in the neck in a Wilber, Nebraska court room on Monday

Sheriff’s deputies rushed to Trail, whose condition was not immediately known

His condition was not immediately known.

Saline County District Judge Vicky Johnson said that she and lawyers from both the defense and prosecution teams will speak with each juror about the incident.

The jury has been told not to read about the case either on the news or social media, according to KETV-TV. 

Trail will remain in handcuffs for the remainder of the trial. 

In December 2017, the body of 24-year-old Sydney Loofe was found cut up and wrapped in trash bags. 

She had disappeared 19 days earlier after meeting Boswell online.

Trail told police investigating the case he had ‘accidentally’ asphyxiated the young woman.

Sydney Loofe, 24, was found dead in December in Nebraska about a month after she disappeared 

Aubrey Trail (left) and his girlfriend Bailey Boswell (right) were charged last year with first-degree murder and improper disposal of human skeletal remains

Authorities say Loofe met Boswell through the Tinder dating app and that they went on a date November 14, 2017 and planned a second one for the following night. 

Loofe’s mother reported her missing on November 16, and her dismembered body was found in December stuffed into garbage bags that had been dumped in a field near Edgar, about 90 miles southwest of Lincoln. 

Prosecutors allege that Trail told investigators he strangled Sydney Loofe with an extension cord.

Investigators believe Boswell, who lived with Trail in Wilber, helped Trail dismember Loofe and get rid of her remains.

Trail and Boswell were quickly named as people of interest in the case and were arrested in late November in Branson, Missouri, on unrelated fraud charges.

During opening arguments last Tuesday, prosecutors allege that Trail and Boswell were intent on ‘killing, torture, and sex’ when they met Loofe, a store clerk from Lincoln, Nebraska, in November 2017.

Loofe, 24, had met Boswell on the dating app Tinder. The photo on the right is a Snapchat she had posted the day before she was killed 

Sandra Allen of the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office told jurors in a Wilber court on Tuesday that Trail and Boswell used a ‘fine-toothed saw’ to dismember Loofe’s body.

‘This is more than a first-degree murder. This was a planned abduction to kill Sydney Loofe,’ Allen said. 

Allen also said that when coroners performed the autopsy on Loofe’s body, they weren’t able to find her internal organs, according to the Omaha World-Herald. 

Authorities identified Loofe’s body with the help of a tattoo that was found which read: ‘Everything will be wonderful someday.’

If convicted, Trail could face the death penalty. Boswell could also be faced with the death penalty if she is found guilty.

Trail (seen left during a hearing in Saline County Court in Wilber in June 2018) has claimed that Loofe’s death was accidental. He says it came about during a ‘sexual fantasy’ involving choking

Her trial begins in October.

Last week, Trail pleaded guilty to a secondary charge of improper disposal of human remains.

He did so in order to avoid the showing of grisly autopsy photographs to the jury of seven women and five men. 

Trail is being represented by a court-appointed lawyer, Joe Murray of Hebron, Nebraska.

 ‘Aubrey Trail is not a particularly nice man,’ Murray told the jury in court last week.

But he did ‘tell the truth’ when he claimed that Loofe’s death was ‘completely accidental,’ according to Murray.

Murray said that Loofe knew Trail better than has been claimed thus far and that she agreed to participate with him in so-called ‘sexual asphyxiation’ – or choking during sex – as part of a fantasy that would be filmed.

Murray claims that Loofe needed money at the time and she agreed to participate in exchange for payment.

Boswell, 25, will stand trial in October. She is seen right during a hearing in Wilber in August 2018

‘There was nothing illegal. It was all consensual,’ he said. 

According to Murray, Trail and Boswell spent time traveling with two other young women who took part in similar fantasies.

After the two women left their group in the fall of 2017, Trail and Boswell were looking for a replacement.

But Allen rejected this claim, saying that Boswell and Trail actively searched for Loofe on social media.

She claims that they took advantage of Loofe, who was depressed at the time because she was unsure whether to remain in Lincoln or return to her hometown of Neligh, Nebraska.

Allen says that Trail and Boswell concocted the sexual fantasy story after their arrest.

Trail allegedly tried to slip a letter to Boswell in jail which read: ‘Here is your story.’ 

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