Man arrested for smashing windows, etching pentagrams on FDNY ambulances

A 22-year-old man smashed windows and etched pentagrams on six FDNY ambulances in The Bronx, fire officials said Sunday.

Karim Murdoch was arrested by fire marshals for allegedly vandalizing the vehicles around 8:30 a.m. Saturday that were parked outside EMS Station 15 on White Plains Road in Wakefield, according to the FDNY.

Murdoch was spotted later the same day near the station and was charged with criminal mischief after being questioned by fire marshals, fire officials said.

“Vandalizing and damaging our ambulances shows disrespect to the dedicated men and women of the FDNY Emergency Medical Service, and the public they bravely serve,” said Commissioner Nigro.

“This quick arrest is the result of outstanding investigative work by our Fire Marshals”

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