Man looks like a mummy after being rescued from bear den month after he vanished

A missing man has been described as a talking mummy after being pulled from the brink of death.

Named only as Alexander, he was discovered by hunting dogs in a bear’s den a month after he vanished in the remote Tuva region of Russia.

He has been rushed to hospital suffering with a broken spine after fighting the bear, according to local reports.

He told them that he had survived the attack when the bear overpowered him and drank urine to survive.

He said: ‘The bear preserved me as food for later’.

The dogs that found him guided the hunters they were with in a den in the mountain forests and refused to leave his side.

At first the hunters believed that he was dead, but then they realised he was alive and summoned help.

He remembers his first name but not his age, according to the Siberian Times.

A hospital video shows the bearded man opening his eyes and confirming his first name.

He was described as having ‘severe injuries and rotting tissue’ from lying motionless for so long in the den.

Doctors are not sure how he managed to survive the injuries.

It is not known where he is from, however he spoke in Russian rather than the local Tuvan language.

Brown bears are known to hide their prey and return to feast on it later.

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