Manhunt for 'armed and extremely dangerous killer' after murder of 'three very young kids & adult' in 'gruesome' attack

COPS are searching for an "armed and extremely dangerous" man allegedly involved in the "gruesome" deaths of three "very young" children and a woman on Wednesday morning.

Cohen Bennett Hancz-Barron, 21, was named as a suspect by Fort Wayne, Indiana, police after family and friends identified him as being potentially linked to the deaths.

His relationship with the victims is not clear.

Cops responded to the scene at around 10.45am on Wednesday morning after receiving a call about an "unknown problem," Sgt. Jeremy Webb told WPTA.

They found three murdered children and one deceased adult female in the home on Gay St, he said.

It is believed they died early this morning.

"When you have murdered children, it's going to be gruesome. As far as the degree of their injuries, I can't speak to that," Webb added.

Crime scene investigators have been called in as the cops ask for locals' help in finding Hancz-Barron and putting together more information on the deaths.

They will also look for surveillance video from the area that could give further details

Authorities have released no further information on the cause of death and what a motive may have been.

Webb said that Hancz-Barron is "extremely dangerous" and residents should immediately call 911 if he is seen.

Hancz-Barron was last seen in a black Ford pickup truck with a license plate “RASHAD" that cops say is stolen and may have recently dyed his hair red.

He is described as six-foot and 205 pound.

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