Martina Navratilova appears at party after days after beating cancer

EXCLUSIVE: Martina Navratilova celebrates being cancer-free in style as she ‘boogies in her seat’ during star-studded party at skincare mogul’s Miami mansion – after grueling proton therapy at his NYC townhouse

  • The 66-year-old was diagnosed with cancer for the second time late last year
  • The tennis ace confirmed she is cancer free after finishing grueling chemo  
  • ‘Martina was ‘the picture of health boogying in her seat for six hours’

After destroying her opponents on the tennis court, Martina Navratilova has also conquered her worst adversary yet: cancer.

Last weekend, the legendary tennis ace made her first social appearance at her best friend Peter Thomas Roth’s mother Carole Roth’s 100th Birthday in Miami since beating the disease. 

In an exclusive interview with, skincare mogul, Peter said: ‘Martina was in high spirits, mingling with guests and allowing them to take selfies with her.’  

Martina, 66, who was battling breast and throat cancer, revealed last week she is now ‘cancer-free’. 

Peter said he’d ‘sequestered’ the Wimbledon champ and her wife Julia Lemigova, at his New York townhouse for six weeks while she was underwent cutting edge cancer treatment. ‘We secreted her away in her house so that she could use a Proton Therapy’, he explained.

The cutting edge technology is only available in certain states and costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Martina made her entrance back into the Miami social scene at Carole Roth’s 100th Birthday having beaten cancer just days earlier (Pictured left Martina, Carole Roth and Julia Lemgova)

In January, Martina, 66 revealed she had been diagnosed with cancer of the breast and throat for the second time.

She confirmed doctors had found an enlarged lymph node in her neck during the WTA finals in Fort Worth in November, with tests later confirming the diagnosis.

She had previously beaten breast cancer in 2010, and feared she might not see Christmas 2023 after it returned. 

After her revelation, the tennis ace, who won 59 major titles in a career spanning four decades, received an avalanche of support. 

In an emotional interview with Piers Morgan last week, Martina told the Talk TV host she is now ‘cancer-free’ and should be ‘good to go’ after having radiation treatment – though added that beating the disease was the ‘hardest thing ever’. 

Despite this, Martina is already back on Miami’s social scene with a spring in her step. 

Peter said: ‘She was the picture of health and was boogying in her seat for six hours-you couldn’t put a knife between Martina and Mom, they are so close.’ 

In an exclusive interview with, skincare mogul, Peter Thomas Roth (Pictured) says Martina was, ‘In high spirits mingling with guests’ 

Now she’s cancer free Martina is back on Miami’s social scene and seems to have a spring in her step.

In spite of Martina’s surprise appearance, centurion Carole Roth who stole the show creating a stir when she blew out the candles of her 24 carat gold 8 tiered cake which were presented to her by a group of male strippers

Fashion designer Libbie Mugrabi who is the ex-wife of Billionaire Andy Warhol art collector David Mugrabi, also made an appearance at the glitzy soiree

Martina’s appearance at the party thrilled Carole Roth and her skincare magnate son Peter Thomas Roth. 

But it was centurion Carole Roth who really stole the show. 

She is said to have created quite the stir when she blew one hundred candles on top of 24 carat gold eight tiered cake, which was presented to her by a group of male strippers. 

Dripping in $3 million worth of diamonds, Peter says his mother told him she wanted him to ‘get me the biggest diamonds you got’. 

But he explained his mother’s taste was synonymous with the glamorous women of her heyday: ‘She comes from the Zsa Zsa Gabor era.’ 

Perhaps explaining Martina’s long stay at the party,  guests were told in no uncertain terms they were not allowed to leave the party until Carole called it a night. 

And to many of the guests’ surprise the 100 year old stayed awake until 4am. 

PR supremo Couri Hay (pictured left) appeared at the party on the arm of Florida socialite Janna Bullock

PR supremo Couri Hay (pictured left) appeared at the party on the arm of Austrian Singer songwriter Denise Rich

Crooner Fernando Allende performed at the event in Miami Beach for Carole Roth’s 100th birthday

Peter said the key to his mom’s longevity is bread and butter together with ‘lots of vodka and usually has her food cooked rare’.

He also supplies his mother with gallons of Peter’s Retinol Fusion PMI each month, which his mother debuts on QVC on April 4.

Skincare Mogul Peter, used to date Anne Heche and Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller. He is the only son of Carole- who survived a Hungarian concentration camp when she was just a teenager. 

Divorced father of two, Peter, once dated Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller and the late actress Anne Heche. 

In an emotional interview with Piers Morgan last week, Martina told the Talk TV host she is now ‘cancer-free’

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