Massachusetts serial pooper busted for defecating in parking lot eight times

A Massachusetts woman was busted for allegedly turning a store parking lot into her own personal potty — pooping there a staggering eight times in roughly a month.

Dubbed the “Parking Lot Pooper,” Andrea Grocer, 51, of Ashland was allegedly caught dropping trou near the Natick Outdoor Store on Wednesday morning after she was nabbed on camera in the act, according to

“At first, [workers] thought it was an animal but then they noticed toilet paper and other wipes — items animals would not have access to,” said police spokeswoman Lt. Cara Rossi, who said the first feces was found in early December.

Cops linked Grocer to all eight poops  — leaving store owner Henry Kanner flush with excitement.

“I’m so happy they arrested her,” Kanner said. “I have no idea who she is. This has been ongoing. She has defecated quite often over here. There’s nothing more disgusting coming into your parking lot in the morning and seeing a pile of human excrement.”

Kanner said the inconsiderate move truly stinks. “I can’t figure out why anyone would do that,” he fumed.

At Grocer’s arraignment Wednesday, her lawyer called her a “pillar of the community” who works full time.

Grocer was charged with wanton destruction of property, and released without bail.

She is due back in court March 2.

Last year, a New Jersey superintendent was outed as a school’s “mystery pooper.” 

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