Meghan Markle 'likely' to run for US president but would 'struggle' with scrutiny of politics, claims new biographer

MEGHAN Markle is "likely" to run for US president but would "struggle" with the scrutiny of politics, her biographer has claimed.

Tom Bower has said the Duchess of Sussex has "all the qualities" needed to be a strong candidate but would need to learn to "take the heat" if she entered into the running.

Speaking to Closer magazine, Bower said Meghan has a "good chance of getting into the White House" thanks to her self-confidence, drive and public speaking skills.

But he also claimed that the "sensitive" 39-year-old would need to be a "team player" and build a strong network of supportive and loyal staff.

Bower said: "The prospect of Meghan running for president is possible and I'd even say likely. I really believe it's where she sees herself going."

He added: "Perhaps [she might] visit the UK to have tea with the Queen one day as President of the United States!"

The Sun revealed last week that the writer, who is behind Simon Cowell, Philip Green and Bernie Ecclestone's revelatory tomes, has agreed a huge six figure advance to pen a tell-all book on Meghan's life.

He will start writing the book next year, spending the next 12 months collating evidence and speaking to the star and husband Prince Harry's friends, foes and associates.

A source said: "This is the book Meghan will be dreading. Tom doesn't pull his punches, and is terrifyingly thorough in his research. No stone will be left unturned."

Bower believes Meghan's potential bid for presidency comes at exactly the right time as the former Suits star has "had her time" as an actress.

He claimed she has "masterminded" her life in the United States and is ready for the next stage in her life.

Bower cited Meghan's ability make things happen as another key trait for leadership – hinting at her interview with Oprah Winfrey and her multi-million pound Netflix and Spotify deals.

But he said it won't all be plain sailing as Meghan would face a "major" problem due to her "clear sensitivity".

Bower said Meghan, who has faced public scrutiny since first being linked to Harry, would "struggle" with the scrutiny.

He said: "They're [politicians] probably the public figures who face the most backlash.

"I really think she would struggle. She'd need to learn to take the heat."

He said another potential issue for the duchess would be the need to "build up a team of loyal staff".

"We've seen through the reports about her staff members quitting and moving on that she doesn't seem to be able to hold onto her team," he said.

Meghan has been accused of bullying two PAs out of the royal household and another former aide complained they had been personally "humiliated" by the duchess.

Meghan has vehemently denied the assertions, branding them a "calculated smear campaign".

To add to the drama, her chief of staff quit after less than a year — the latest of 13 key aides to leave the Sussexes.

Catherine St-Laurent was shifted to a “senior advisory role” but is not expected to stay. She also stepped down as chief exec of their Archewell Foundation.

Meghan has not shied away from discussing US politics.

She described the battle between Donald Trump and Joe Biden as “the most important election of our lifetime” and became the first member of the royal family to vote in a major election.

Royals are supposed to remain politically neutral but Harry and Meghan have stepped down as senior royals to find a “progressive role” in the US.

Harry even raised royal eyebrows by saying: “As we approach this November, it’s vital we reject hate speech, misinformation and online negativity.”

If Meghan became US president she would be the first woman in the role and the second non-white leader after Barack Obama.

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