Meghan Markle must let dad Thomas see his royal grandson Archie after he gave up everything for her, sister Samantha says

THOMAS Markle has given everything to his children and must be allowed to see royal grandson Archie, his daughter told The Sun.

Samantha Markle, 54, the Duchess of Sussex’s half-sister, hit back at wild allegations of drug-taking and womanising by dad Thomas, from his ex-wife Roslyn, 73.

The former clerk, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, said her ex-husband should not be allowed to see young Archie, born to his duchess daughter Meghan one week ago.

But Samantha criticised mum Roslyn, who she left aged 12 to go and live with dad Thomas.

She told The Sun: “For her to judge my dad – who worked so hard and gave us such an incredible life – means she is just a jealous troll.

“My dad is incredible – just like Meghan said many times in her blog ‘The Tig’. All those things she said are true. My dad did a great job.

“He gave us our value system, he taught us to think outside of the box and stand up for ourselves. Why should Archie be deprived of that?

“To prevent Archie having access to him is stupid and cruel. There’s no reason my dad shouldn’t be involved in his life.”


Roslyn married former Hollywood lighting director Thomas, 74, in 1964 – having children Samantha and Tom Jr, now 52, before they divorced in 1975.

Emmy Award-winning Thomas went on to wed yoga teacher Doria Ragland – Meghan’s mum – before they too divorced in 1987.

Roslyn claimed that Meghan, 37, would be a “fool” to let Thomas back into her life.

She said he was not a trusted father, verbally abused her, had taken cocaine and cheated.

But Samantha, who lives in Florida, said: “My dad gave us the life she could never give us, so who is she to criticise him?

“It takes a lot of discipline and hard work to retire after 40 years in the career he did – 70-hour weeks working on his feet.

“If you partying and doing drugs, you don’t have that level of success. Certainly not at such a high professional level.

“When my mother saw him being successful, she was horribly jealous.

“Rosalyn was also always jealous of Doria, who became more of a mother to us she ever was.

“When I went to live with my dad, we had a beautiful apartment in Santa Monica. Doria came in as a neutralising influence in my life as a young teenage woman.

“Whereas Rosalyn’s apartment smelled of cigarettes and beer.”

Samantha told The Sun that the royals needed to teach Archie about the Markle side of his family and let Thomas see his sixth grandchild.

And as for Roslyn, she added: “You cannot say someone shouldn’t be around their grandchild just because you think they cheated on you in the 1960s.

“She’s an old hag who needs to let that go.”

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