Moment Just Stop Oil eco-zealots spray orange powder dinosaur display

Moment Just Stop Oil eco-zealots spray orange powder over skeleton replica of the world’s biggest ever dinosaur on display at the Natural History Museum

This the moment Just Stop Oil eco-zealots sprayed a dinosaur exhibition with orange powder inside London’s Natural History Museum as they continued their relentless spree of demonstrations across the capital. 

Two protestors from the group today gained entry to the new exhibit inside the world-renowned museum and began spraying some sort of powder beneath the skeleton replica of the world’s biggest ever dinosaur the Titanosaur. 

The pair of eco-clowns were videoed carrying out the stunt as they were surrounded by shocked members of the public who watched on in disbelief. 

They then sat down on the floor beneath the gigantic structure and held out a sign reading: ‘For health’s sake just stop oil’. One of the men was also wearing a shirt with the words ‘doctor’ on the front. 

The Museum said that the police have been made aware of the incident and the gallery housing the display has been ‘temporarily closed to visitors’. 

It comes just a day after a group of Just Stop Oil protestors sprayed the Wellington Arch in orange paint, before being arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.

This the moment Just Stop Oil eco-zealots sprayed a dinosaur exhibition with orange powder inside London ‘s Natural History Museum 

Just Stop Oil have not yet addressed today’s incident at the Natural History Musuem on its social media, but this afternoon announced it would ‘begin actions’ on Monday October 30. 

In the announcement, which was posted on X, formerly Twitter, the climate group added: ‘This is our message to chief, Sir Mark Rowley: Until you prosecute the criminals responsible for crimes against humanity and acts of genocide, Just Stop Oil supporters will remain in civil resistance.’ 

It called on the Met Commissioner to ‘prosecute those politicians and to launch an investigation into those executives signing off on plans to drill for new oil and gas or to finance and insure new oil exploration’ after claiming to have delivered a dossier of evidence to the force last year. 

The group continued: ‘Failure to act will force Just Stop Oil into full non-compliance with the police and judicial system and we will remain in civil resistance until such time as you launch an investigation and bring charges.’

The post also included a video of one activist delivering a letter meant for The Met Commissioner to the New Scotland Yard headquarters on the Victoria Embankment in London.

Last Thursday a group of protestors blocked a coach transporting asylum seekers onto the controversial Bibby Stockholm Barge after the eco zealots vowed to continue its ‘resistance’ against the government’s new migration policy.

Eventually the bus forced its way through the 23 protesters who walked up and down the road carrying a huge orange banner that read ‘No Prison Ships’.

Until this the group had solely been focusing on environmental-related protests.

On Thursday, Just Stop Oil protesters attempted to stop a coach carrying migrants to the Bibby Stockholm barge

A banner held by the JSO protesters read ‘No prison ships’. It represents a departure for the group, which usually focuses on environmental issues 

Pictures show a man urging a member of the public caught in the chaos to ‘drive straight through’ the group

The Met has vowed to ‘use all available powers’ as part of its policing response to Just Stop Oil protestors ‘to allow Londoners to continue their daily business’ during the group’s protests. 

It has also written to members of the group ahead its new campaign of protests later this month, asking to work together to ‘ensure any protest activity is lawful’. As of last week, the Met said it had not yet received a response. 

A Natural History Museum spokesperson said: ‘We are aware of a Just Stop Oil protest which took place at the Natural History Museum this afternoon. 

‘The police have been informed and the affected gallery has been temporarily closed to visitors. If you have tickets booked for the exhibition this afternoon, you will be refunded. Please contact [email protected].’

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