Moment police raid party at flat in Leicester packed with 60 people

Moment police raid party at flat in Leicester packed with more than 60 people inside as two hosts are fined £10,000 for breaching Covid rules

  • Bodycam footage shows moment a police officer discovers over 60 party-goers  
  • As door of the King Street, Leicester, home is opened the officer exclaims ‘woah’
  • Two hosts of party were issued with £10,000 fines after police raided property 

Bodycam footage captures the moment a police officer exclaims ‘woah’ in shock as he discovers over 60 people partying inside a Leicester flat.

Two hosts of the party were issued with £10,000 fines after police raided the gathering breaching covid-19 restrictions in King Street, Leicester, a Tier 3 area, on Saturday December 12. 

Footage filmed by an officer’s bodycam shows the moment he is astounded to find over 60 party-goers crammed into the flat, exclaiming ‘wooooah’ as the scale of the irresponsible party becomes apparent.  

In the video a person can be heard casually shouting ‘ooo who’s that?’ after the officer knocks on the door.  

As the party-goer swings open the door the officer answers: ‘Hiya mate, you alright? What’s going on?’, at which point the reveller realises it is a police officer and is heard using an expletive before opening the door fully to reveal the crowd inside.

Officers are heard shouting: ‘If you don’t live here get out. Guys, the party’s over yeah. Everyone leave now.’ 

The hosts are then given a caution and informed by the officers that they will be reported for hosting the party.

Officers are heard shouting: ‘If you, don’t live here get out. Guys, the party’s over yeah. Everyone leave now’

On seeing the large gathering the police officer exclaims ‘wooah’ which the crowd then echos back to him

Everyone is seen quickly fleeing the flat, with the hosts then given a £10,000 fine each

Tier 3 rules on mixing: 

In Tier 3 meeting indoors with anyone from outside of your household or support bubble is restricted, unless exceptions apply.

You can meet people who you do not live with or have a support bubble with in a group of up to six in certain outdoor places. 

These include parks, beaches, playgrounds, the grounds of a heritage site and outdoor sports courts and facilities. 

Leicestershire Police said they have released the video to reinforce the message that people must follow the Coronavirus rules in the Tier 3 area – or risk being fined.  

In the last two weeks the force, that covers Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, said they have issued 37 fines have been issued to the total value of £23,500.

Two of these were £10,000 fines for the gathering at King Street.

A number of other fines were issued including 23 fines for one gathering at a private dwelling or indoors in the Tier 3 area. 

And four people were fined for failing to self-isolate. 

In addition, the force said 26 businesses were visited to check on Covid compliance and to offer advice.  

Assistant Chief Constable Julia Debenham said: ‘The party in King Street is a perfect example of how some people are deliberately making the choice to ignore the rules. 

‘As we are now so near to the Christmas and New Year holidays we cannot tolerate this minority who are blatantly putting the safety of our communities at risk. 

‘The majority of the public have been and continue to be amazing and making the right choices throughout this pandemic.

A general view of King Street, Leicester, a Tier 3 area, where a party for over 60 people was held on Saturday December 12

‘To have a small minority put so many people at risk is something we will continue to tackle and to use the legislation available to us.

‘We have taken thousands of calls throughout this pandemic about breaches of the regulations. We will continue to respond to these incidents over the festive period. 

‘Our priority is to protect public safety. If people breach the regulations and put others at needless risk, they can expect to be fined.’

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