Moment 'road rage' driver rains blow on the side of a van

Moment ‘road rage’ driver smashes van with a cricket bat as it tries to speed away

  • The incident is believed to have taken place in Southall in West London 

This is the moment a man smashes a cricket bat into the side of a van in an apparent act of road rage.

Footage of the incident, which is believed to have taken place in Southall, west London, shows a silver people carrier and silver van stopped at a junction.

In the video, which is taken from another vehicle in the road, a man can be seen reaching into the boot of the car and pulling out a cricket bat.

Seeing what is about to happen, the driver of the Citroën van starts its engine and begins to pull away.

The man then charges at the moving vehicle, before raising the bat above his head and hitting the side of the moving vehicle.

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Video shows the moment a man attacks a van with a cricket bat in an apparent display of road rage

Video of the confrontation was shared online on Friday, September 29, although the exact location where it took place is unknown.

One person said: ‘If that was my van he hit I would have stopped and got out!!’

Another joked ‘that’s LBW’, a reference to one of the ways a batter can be dismissed in cricket.

MailOnline has contacted the Metropolitan Police for comment.

It comes a man who screamed at a female motorist in a terrifying road rage incident in Bournemouth, Dorset, which went viral over the weekend was unmasked. 

Peter Abbott started shouting at the woman, branding her ‘f***ing bloody annoying’ and a ‘f***ing s**g’ during a confrontation on August 25 at a Tesco petrol station.

The 59-year-old also banged on her windscreen and snarled at the woman as he shouted: ‘Do you see me you f***ing tart?’

When he was confronted by reporters from The Sun outside his luxury apartment block in Bournemouth he was similarly foul-mouthed, shouting at them to ‘f*** off’.

He shouted: ‘Just stay away from me. Get away from me.’

He then allegedly confronted the female reporter as she got in her car to leave, standing up against the window and telling her to ‘f*** off’.

Peter Abbott, 59, the foul-mouthed driver who shouted at a female motorist, is pictured

The screaming motorist who banged on a terrified female driver’s windscreen and called her a s**g in a shocking road rage incident has been unmasked as foul-mouthed Peter Abbott, 59

The motorist bangs on the woman’s car in the clip – the context of which remains unclear

Dorset Police previously said it was investigating the incident, although no one has been arrested.

A spokesperson for the force told MailOnline: ‘On Friday 25 August 2023 at approximately 11.40am, officers responded to a call from a member of the public following a public order and criminal damage incident at Tesco petrol station on Castle Lane, Bournemouth.

‘It is reported that the man stepped out of his vehicle, verbally abused the victim and punched the windscreen of the victim’s car.

‘The investigation is ongoing. No arrests have yet been made.’

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