Morrisons customer shares hilarious rant about disappointing breakfast

‘I’ll go back to Wetherspoons!’ Morrisons customer’s hilarious rant about the supermarket’s ‘ultimate breakfast’ with ‘yolkless eggs and rock-hard black pudding which could smash a window’ goes viral

  • The woman was steaming when she received greasy mushrooms  in her meal
  • Social media users called her hilarious rant the ‘greatest food review of all time’

People have been left in fits of laughter after a woman hilariously hit out at Morrisons’ ultimate breakfast, which she branded ‘s***e’.

The goliath breakfast, plated up by the supermarket, sounds like it would be fit for a king, with three rashers of bacon, sausages, hash browns as well as two half tomatoes, eggs, and black pudding, coupled with sliced mushrooms and baked beans.

But the woman was left less than happy at the supermarket café, slamming the ‘rock hard’ black pudding, ‘funny-tasting sausages’, ‘cold beans’ and ‘greasy mushrooms’. 

She had one kind word to say about the bacon, which tasted ‘decent’, but she said it was so incredibly thin that ‘if you turned it on its side you wouldn’t have seen it’. 

The woman was outright fuming about the breakfast she had just purchased for £6.99. 

The displeased Morrisons customer (pictured) told viewers that she would be heading back to Wetherspoons for her breakfast from now on

The unnamed woman hilariously gave a review that was branded ‘the greatest of all time’. She detailed her meal as yolkless with black puddings that were hard enough to break through windows (file image)

in the video that now has over quarter of a million views on X, formerly known as Twitter, the disgruntled customer films herself sitting in her car outside of the supermarket.

She finished her rant by declaring the Morrisons Ultimate Breakfast to be ‘s***e’, vowing instead to return to her local Wetherspoons.

In a bizarre finish to her review, she told viewers the only time a decent meal is plated up is when a certain worker is on shift.

The unhappy customer said: ‘The only time that place, you get a decent meal is when Stephanie Nixon’s on. She’s not called Nixon now she’s called something else.’

She continued: ‘But that’s the only time you ever get a decent breakfast.’ 

People in the comments of the video on X, were left in stitches by the woman’s hysterical tirade.

One wrote: ‘HAHAHAHAHA gwarn lass that’ll teach them for serving up greasy mushrooms.’

Viewers were left in stiches of laughter on the platform X, formerly known as Twitter, after watching the woman’s hilarious rant about the extremely thin bacon and rock hard black pudding

While another jibbed in a retweet: ‘Pay up playwrights, you’ll never top this.’

A person joked: ‘Stephanie Nixon must be running that Morrisons’ café like the navy.’

Some branded it as, ‘The greatest food review of all time,’ while others were left shell-shocked by the lack of yolk.

One individual commented: ‘An egg with NO yolk……this world is just wild right now. Madness.’

Another added in shock: ‘The egg didn’t have a yolk! ‘

Many in the comments were left pondering about the infamous Stephanie, whose surname is no longer Nixon, with one writing: ‘Lucky man, whoever married Stephanie Nixon.’

One quipped: ‘Stephanie Nixon for PM.’

MailOnline have approached Morrisons for comment. 

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