Mother of girl who lied about being raped by gang hasn't returned £22K

Labour councillor mother of fantasist who lied about being raped by Asian grooming gang STILL has not returned £22,000 donated by wellwishers – after insisting she believes her daughter

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A mother whose daughter lied about being raped by an Asian grooming gang has still not returned £22,000 donated by well wishers. 

More than 1,000 people donated to a JustGiving for Eleanor Williams after she took to Facebook to describe being beaten, abused and trafficked in Barrow, Cumbria. 

The money was to help pay the 19-year-old’s legal bills as part of a ‘fight for justice’, but in January she was exposed as a fantasist and today jailed for eight and a half years. 

Her mother, Allison Johnson, is being urged to hand the money to charity by the man who launched the appeal.  

Allison Johnson (left), mother of rape fantasist Eleanor Williams (right) has still not returned £22,000 donated by wellwishers 

Shane Yerrell said: ‘People donated out of the kindness of their hearts and we were all tricked. I keep messaging her but she keeps stalling and claims she needs to take legal advice. Her daughter was convicted more than a month ago, the money should be returned.

‘The whole fundraising appeal was based on lies. It seems wrong for the family to have the cash.’

Mrs Johnston, a Labour councillor in Barrow, was suspended by the party. 

In an interview with MailOnline in January, she said she was backing her daughter and still ‘believed’ her claims even after they were shown to be lies in court. 

‘I do believe that substantially she was telling the truth and she was the victim of abuse and trafficking,’ she said. 

‘I also don’t believe that Ellie inflicted those injuries on herself, she couldn’t have caused them.’ 

Williams falsely claimed restaurateur Mohammed Ramzan (right) had trafficked her since the age of 12 and threatened to kill her. Mr Ramzan denied ever having any contact with Williams

Williams, 22, claimed she had been the victim of rape at the hands of five men, including members of a made up Asian grooming gang.

But during a three month trial, Preston Crown Court heard she had made everything up and falsified evidence. 

Williams created false social media accounts, doctored innocent men’s profiles and even attacked herself with a hammer before posting her injuries on social media.

Her lies resulted in one man, Jordan Trengove, spending eight weeks in prison after Williams claimed he had raped her and threatened her with a knife after they met in a nightclub in 2018.

Mohammed Ramzan, a local businessman, was arrested and wrongly accused of being the leader of a merciless gang, who trafficked girls to sex parties across the North of England.

She claimed she had been sold as a slave at an auction in Amsterdam and forced to work as a prostitute in Ibiza. 

Jordan Trengove (pictured outside court today), 22, was driven to attempt suicide as his life was ‘utterly destroyed’ by baseless accusations of rape against him from Williams

However the jury heard she had been on holiday with two friends in the Netherlands and had never been out of their company and Williams had never set foot in Ibiza. 

JustGiving paid the fundraising cash to Mr Yerrell, who sent it to Mrs Johnston.

A contract between them apparently allows her to keep it until July – after which it must go to charity.

Two charities have declined the cash but the James Bulger Memorial Trust and a Barrow-based charity will take it.

Mr Yerrell added: ‘The circumstances have changed entirely from when the contract was drawn up.’

JustGiving said: ‘The amount donated was released to the fundraiser in line with our usual process.’

Mr Yerrell, 39, a Tory councillor from Waltham Abbey, Essex, has raised thousands of pounds for people going through traumatic situations.

Vile rape allegations Williams made against five men  

A woman who made false rape allegations against five men gave accounts of being trafficked in Ibiza and sold at auction in Amsterdam.

Eleanor Williams, 22, was jailed on Tuesday for perverting the course of justice after making claims including that she was the victim of an Asian grooming gang, operating in her hometown of Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria.

Below are some of the lies Williams told.

The first claim

The first false allegation was made by Williams when she was 16.

Preston Crown Court heard she had been with others at Cameron Bibby’s house in November 2017 when she was sick after drinking alcohol and smoking cannabis.

Mr Bibby and his friends contacted Williams’ sister and mother, who came to collect her and later took her to hospital, where she alleged she had been raped.

Williams withdrew support from a prosecution in January 2018, after Mr Bibby had been arrested.


In March 2019 Williams had been on a night out with Jordan Trengove when she was taken home after becoming intoxicated.

She would later allege Mr Trengove raped her that night, and then on two later occasions, claiming he came to her flat, attacked her and threatened her with a knife.

The court heard she did have injuries following the alleged attack.

Honorary Recorder of Preston Judge Robert Altham said: ‘She caused them to herself to support her allegations. As we will see this was to become a feature of her conduct.’


Williams claimed she had been groomed since the age of 12 or 13 by local business owner Mohammed Ramzan, who she falsely claimed took her across the region and persuaded her to have sex with other men.

She described punishment beatings, rape, a girl nearly dying as a result of a beating and another having a dog set on her.

Honorary Recorder of Preston Judge Robert Altham said: ‘This was a detailed account of the most serious sort of sex trafficking.’


Williams told police she had been taken to Amsterdam by Mr Ramzan, forced to work in a brothel and sold at an auction for 25,000 Euros, but the buyer did not go through with the deal.

During the trial, Jonathan Sandiford KC compared the account to a scene from the Liam Neeson film Taken, in which an ex-Secret Service agent’s teenage daughter is abducted by human traffickers.

Preston Crown Court heard Williams had been in Amsterdam, but had shared a hotel room with her sister and sister’s boyfriend.

At the time Williams was in the Netherlands, Mr Ramzan’s bank card was being used at a B&Q in Barrow, police discovered.


Williams said she was taken to Ibiza by Mr Ramzan and made to have sex with men.

She admitted this was not true when officers suggested they check flight documents, but at trial she maintained the allegation.


When police investigated Williams’ account of being taken to addresses in Blackpool and forced to have sex with men, they found she had gone to the seaside resort alone and, after buying a Pot Noodle from a nearby shop, spent most of her time in her hotel room watching YouTube.


After a chance encounter with Oliver Gardner in Preston city centre, Williams initially claimed he was a trafficker who forced her to take cocaine, sold her to two Asian men and raped her.

Judge Altham said: ‘This was a complete fabrication, much of it would be disproved from CCTV.’

The hammer

In what the prosecution called her ‘finale event’, in May 2020 Williams was found by police with injuries including a swollen eye, cut finger and injuries to her legs and abdomen which were ‘too numerous to count’.

She would later post pictures of the injuries on Facebook with a description of being beaten, groomed and trafficked by Asian men.

But, evidence from a pathologist found the injuries were consistent with being caused to herself.

A hammer found at the scene had her DNA on and was identical to one she had purchased from Tesco earlier in the month.

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