Mum, 29, exposed her breasts and buttocks at cop before sexually assaulting officer in drunken rampage

A MOTHER flashed her breasts and buttocks at police before sexually assualting an officer in a drunken rampage.

Sophie Cleary, 29, pulled down her trousers and rubbed herself against the constable before unzipping her jumper to expose her breasts.

She then kneed another male officer in the back as the pair walked away in disgust, a court heard.

When an ambulance took her to hospital, Cleary then went beserk and set off a fire alarm before spitting in the face of the cop she flashed at.

When interviewed, Cleary of Oldham, Gtr Manchester, gave a pre-prepared statement saying she was a “victim of a serious assault” and claimed she was drugged by a mystery assailant.

At Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, Cleary initially faced charges of sexual assault on the officer but her plea to assaulting an emergency worker was accepted.

The hearing was told how the assaulted PC was left ''angered and upset'' by the incident and had to undergo tests for COVID.

He added: “In the three years and three months I have been a police officer this is the first time I have ever been spat on. It was the lowest point of my career.”

Mum of one Cleary called cops on August 18 last year because she was locked out of her home.

When officers arrived they realised she was drunk and under the influence of drugs and left when she became abusive.

But three hours later Cleary dialled 999 again from her mother's house to report she had been assaulted by another woman.

Mr Matthew Curtis, prosecuting said: ''The same officers attended at the address and were invited in by the defendant’s mother.

The defendant herself was on the telephone and she still appeared to be in a drunken state and smelt of intoxicants.

''She became abusive again and unzipped her jumper exposing her breasts.

She called the officers “b…tards” and “w..kers” and made an offensive gesture with her hand.

“The officers explained how they could help if the defendant stopped her abusive behaviour but she then pulled down her trousers and exposed her bare bottom, turned around with her backside towards the constable, bent down and rubbed her bare bottom on the crotch of the officer’s trousers.

“'The officer immediately pushed the defendant away and turned to walk out of the address. 

“His male colleague also turned to walk out at which point the defendant lifted a knee and pushed it against his lower back.”

The officers left but were later called to the hospital after Cleary set off a fire alarm.

She was arrested but as she was being taken for a scan spat into the face of an officer.

Cleary later admitted consuming half a litre of alcohol before her arrest.

But after giving her prepared statement through a lawyer she remained silent throughout the police interview.

In mitigation, defence counsel Mark Fireman said: ''This defendant suffers from a number of different conditions and is on medication. She acts very badly when she’s in a position of stress.''

Sentencing the judge Miss Recorder Mary Prior QC told Cleary: 'You spat in one of the officer’s faces. That is a disgusting thing to do. You will know that, and you will know it will feel humiliating and degrading.

“It was an extremely worrying thing for the officer because he didn’t know if he would get infected with Covid or another disease. These officers were simply doing their duty and shouldn’t have been treated like that.''

She was told to complete an 18 month community order and will be electronically tagged for three months under the terms of a 8pm-8am curfew.

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