Mum’s warning to other parents after viral ‘fire challenge’ leaves 12 year-old son with horrifying burns – The Sun

A MUM is campaigning for more awareness surrounding a new viral craze after her son received second degree burns to his chin, chest and stomach in the "fire challenge."

Tabitha Cleary from Detroit said her 12-year-old-son, Jason was hospitalised for four days after the horrific incident on Saturday.

She told WDIV: "I just want everybody to know that these challenges, or whatever they’re watching on YouTube, is not worth risking your life."

Jason explained that he had attempted the  bizarre challenge twice, at a friend's house.


The craze sees maniac kids set themselves and friends alight before posting the footage on social media for "likes."

The reckless challenge involves dousing yourself or a friend in flammable liquid before setting it alight.

Jason had been sprayed with nail varnish remover, containing the highly flammable chemical, acetone.

He said: "The first time it was like a little tiny fire, then they swatted it out.

"Then the second time it [engulfed me] and they kept spraying it on me."

Jason's friend rushed him to his parents' house, with his parents then rushing him to hospital.

Little Jason said he was in lots of pain in the backseat of the car, with his mum telling reporters "I could feel his pain."

He spent four days in hospital, and is now well enough to recover at home – but his mum is traumatised with the boy's brush with death.


She said :"My son got burned second-degree — and it could have been way worse."

The dangerous craze has swept the globe, with shocking videos of teens and children setting themselves aflame flooding social media.

A compilation video of the horrifying challenge shows kids from the US and Britain screaming in pain and fear as they get engulfed in the flames.

One of the clips shows a teen panicking after setting himself alight and becoming immersed in flames from the waist upwards.

His furious mum can be heard in the background yelling "Get into the water, get into the f***ing water" as the youth runs around burning.

Another clip shows a teen trying to put out the flames by repeatedly throwing himself against the bathroom wall while his friends are heard howling with laughter.

This reckless challenge has resulted in people needing surgery and life support treatment with a 12-year-old hospitalised with severe burns after participating in the challenge this summer.

Timiyah Landers, of Detroit, Michigan, burned 49 per cent of her body after she poured rubbing alcohol on herself and lit herself on fire in August.

She was rushed to the hospital where she required multiple surgeries and had to breath through a ventilator.

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