‘Murdered’ girl, one, was found dead still strapped in her car seat after being ‘kidnapped by Uber driver’ in case that’s shocked America – The Sun

A "MURDERED" toddler was found still strapped into her car seat with "no signs of trauma" on her body after being "kidnapped by an Uber driver".

Nalani Johnson, 23 months, was found dead on Tuesday afternoon – three days after her dad claimed rideshare driver Sharena Islam Nancy drove off with her in Pennsylvania.

The little girl was dead before her body and car seat were dropped off in a wooded area outside of Pittsburgh, officials said.

Prosecutors are treating the little girl's death as homicide  – pending results from the coroner's office.

A joint statement by prosecutors from Indiana and Allegheny Counties read: "Although the cause and manner of death for Nalani Johnson are pending further test results by the Indiana County Coroner, the expectation is that the manner of death will be homicide."

Sharena Islam Nancy, 25, of Penn Hills, was arrested Saturday night and charged with kidnapping a minor, interference with custody of children and concealment of the whereabouts of a child.

Nancy had been out with Nalani's father and boyfriend Paul Johnson, 21.


She was in an "intermittent romantic relationship" with Johnson, according to CNN.

Johnson reportedly claimed he, his daughter, and a pal spent several hours with Nancy the day Nalani went missing.

Nancy was driving them all when they ended up having a row and he got out, police said.

But when he went to get his daughter from the car she drove off with her still in her child seat, Johnson says.


He reportedly called cops and told them his child was taken by a car with Uber and Lyft stickers in the window, sparking a massive manhunt.

But when Nancy was arrested she hit back, telling cops Johnson instructed her to deliver the child to another woman because he had "sold" his daughter for £8,000.
Johnson showed her a photo of a black woman she was supposed to meet near a petrol station, she claims.

She said she did as asked, meeting the woman and handing over the child.

Although Nancy has not been charged with homicide, she is the only person believed to be involved in Nalani's death, according to Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala.

Investigators say after driving off with Nalani, Nancy's 2017 black Toyota Yaris, complete with Lyft and Uber stickers on the windshield, drove 20 miles south along route 22 to Blairsville, Indiana County.

Nancy was stopped around 7:30 pm by a Penn Hills Police officer.

On Tuesday, investigators revealed how Nalani and her father, Paul Johnson, were not in Sharena Nancy's vehicle for an Uber or Lyft ride.

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