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THE family of a mum found dead in a freezer at a double killer's home believe she might still be alive if the under-fire Met had taken her disappearance seriously.

Mihrican "Jan" Mustafa, 38, was strangled by Zahid Younis, who kept her body at his squalid house of horrors in Canning Town, East London.

She was discovered in a freezer surrounded by air fresheners and fused on top of the body of Henriett Szucs, 34, who the convicted sex offender murdered in 2016.

The mum-of-three's cousin has now blasted the Met Police's handling of the investigation after Jan was reported missing in 2018.

Sickeningly, she told how police visited Younis' home five weeks after Jan vanished when his name came up on her phone records but just put a leaflet through his door.

This was despite Younis having a gruesome history of abusing women that saw him caged twice before he killed Jan and Henriett.

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Ayse Hussein believes Jan could still be alive if officers had taken her disappearance seriously from the beginning but instead believes the force dismissed her cousin because of her race and lifestyle.

She told The Sun Online: "If the Met had done their jobs properly and looked in Zahid and his previous history Jan might still be alive.

"They could have searched his home and found Jan five weeks after she disappeared. Police knew this man was dangerous but didn't do their jobs properly and carry out the proper checks.

"He was probably laughing at them knowing he had two women in his freezer every time they went into his home to monitor him because he was a sex offender.

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"Zahid was clearly a psychopath who would have killed more if he wasn't caught.

"He never should have been out of prison."

Ex-teacher Jan knew Younis through a friend and also lived close-by to him in East London.

At the time of her disappearance in 2018, she had been living a somewhat "chaotic life".

Her family reported her missing but Ayse says they were forced to do much of the groundwork themselves due to a lack of interest from police.

She said: "When you see on TV that someone has vanished, you think the family don't need to do anything as the police will do it all but that couldn't be further from the truth.

"We kept being told there was nothing to worry about and that Jan was just a medium risk as there was no evidence she would harm herself.

"But we had this year of trauma as a family not knowing what had happened and having to do our own investigation.

"We even had to make our own posters as the police wouldn't give us official ones and couldn't do a proper press appeal.

"It was clear the police didn't take Jan seriously because she was vulnerable at the time and because of her lifestyle.

"Maybe her race came into it as well. It's upsetting to think that might be the case but maybe she and our family were part of the 'other' people who don't get as much attention.

"They are just gambling with people's lives."

Tragically, Jan and Henriett were only discovered in April 2019 when a concern for Younis' welfare was raised.

Chilling bodycam footage from the time showed police walking through the squalid flat where they found the locked freezer with a zimmer frame placed on top of it.

One officer could be heard saying "wait, there's a foot in there" before the bodies came into view.

Both women were decomposing rapidly after the electricity was shut off and were found to have suffered horror injuries – including multiple broken ribs.

After he was caught, the killer spun a grim web of lies – claiming Henriett had mysteriously died on his sofa.

The monster also tried worming his way out of Jan's death by saying two men turned up outside his home with her body stuffed in a wheelie bin.

In reality, he had strangled Henriett then stamped on her head – leaving her with a cracked skull – before stuffing her fully clothed in the freezer.

Two years later, Jan was strangled by the brute and placed in the same makeshift grave as her tragic predecessor.

Ayse said she was on the bus when a news story flagged up about two bodies being found in a home in Canning Town.

The family's liaison officer told her she needed to get to Jan's sister house where the grim news was confirmed.

Ayse said: "It was just horrifying knowing she was just five minutes from her home the whole time.

"She probably just popped over to Zahid's one time and then never came out alive.

"It's really scary."

As Younis denied the murders, the family were forced to endure an agonising trial where the coward refused to give evidence.

The fantasist also tried to hijack the case by firing his lawyer and shouting abuse from the dock.

After he was convicted of murder, it emerged Younis had been caged in 2005 after getting his 14-year-old child bride pregnant.

He also had a long history of abusing girlfriends and left one partner with a broken arm.

Following his release from prison in 2007, he embarked on a relationship with a 17-year-old girl whose father had recently died.

He began controlling her every move after moving into her flat and banned her from going out alone.

But the abuse soon turned violent and Younis would regularly punch and kick the teenager – breaking her arm in three places in one horrific attack.

He was sentenced to nearly five years in prison after admitting two counts of wounding and one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Ayse said when she later discovered police had gone to Younis' flat just five weeks into Jan's disappearance, she was left horrified.

She added: "I just went mad – I was so shocked.

"The man had 20 years of abuse on his record but when police went round there because Jan had contact with him, all they did was put a leaflet through his door.

"It just makes your blood boil.

"He got away with it for a year after that until the police went back to the home to check on him and his welfare.

"Zahid was literally on our doorstep the whole time – we might have even have spoken to him or seen him at the shops and we never knew what he'd done.

"It's so frustrating."

Ayse has spoken out in the wake of a damning report that found the Met is in need of a radical reform.

­Baroness Louise Casey of Blackstock labelled the force as institutionally racist, sexist and homophobic.

She spent more than a year shining a light into what she called the “dark corners” of the Met and its culture and standards following the murder of Sarah Everard by firearms officer Wayne Couzens.

Baroness Casey said the Met was failing women and children amid warnings the force could be broken up into more manageable units.

Ayse now works with campaign group Killed Women, which is attempting to force change on a range of issues – from longer sentences for domestic homicide to better education for coercive control.

She said: "It's come to the point where the Met and their failings are stopping people from being able to grieve properly.

"Instead you have to pick up the pieces and campaign for a change to ever stop what happened to your family happening to someone else.

"Our murder detectives were amazing but it's so chalk and cheese because the missing person team were not.

"We never even received an apology or any words of condolence from the Met when Jan's body was found.

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