My ‘neighbour from hell’ decided to destroy all of our fence after the wind blew part of into her garden | The Sun

A WOMAN has told how her "neighbour from hell" decided to destroy her entire fence after the wind blew one panel into her garden.

Fed up TikToker Katie Trueman shared a clip of the riled-up resident tearing down the wooden divider in broad daylight.

Tensions between the two warring residents boiled over when one of the panels flew into the nuisance neighbour's garden.

Katie claims the woman even used a crowbar to dismantle the fence as she was furious it had overstepped the boundary onto her property.

Shocking footage shows the unidentified resident removing each panel as the mum watched on from the window in horror.

In a follow-up clip, the neighbour returned to finish the job, pushing what remained of the fence into Katie's back garden.


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And the saleswoman said she didn't stop there, as the woman "knew she would get away with it".

After contacting the police about the row, Katie claims they told her there was nothing they could do.

The neighbour then allegedly broke the rest of the fence panels in a fit of rage, forcing Katie to beg the council to get a full new fence.

The family later received new panels and began reconstructing their wrecked garden – which only added more fuel to the fire.

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Katie claims her "psycho neighbour" then began painting her side of the fence, causing the colorant to drip through into the family's garden.

She politely asked her to stop her wayward brush strokes, but says she was instead met with another mouthful of abuse.

The mum said the woman then began "throwing paint and water over the fence" in protest of her complaints.

After lodging numerous grievances with the council about her nightmare neighbour, the local authority fitted new concrete posts and kick boards to help put an end to the fence fight.

Katie proudly shared a picture of the new installation, saying: "After her smashing spree and getting away with it, the council put this up.

"She best stay away this time."

She then updated TikTok users who had been intensely following the explosive fence saga.

Katie wrote: "It was last year, I didn't go out [to confront her] under police and council advice as she has assaulted me before and they were finalising a community order on her!


"Otherwise I would of been straight out and probably be arrested!

"It's been three years of harassment from her and the video was to take some weight off my shoulders.

"My new fence is still standing strong."

Social media users applauded the mum's patience with her infuriating neighbour.

One wrote: "Your new fence still standing strong like you my lovely… nightmare neighbours think they are better than you when in fact they are just jealous!"

Another added: "Well done for not reacting to her provocation.

"People like her goad you to get a reaction, she's just a sad bully with nothing better to do."

And a third chimed in: "I'm so glad to hear. Well done for being so patient."

We previously told how one hellish neighbour decided to separate two houses with massive tarpaulins.

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