Mystery as driver narrowly avoids ‘child’ standing on highway in dead of night – but 8 hour police search finds NOTHING

AUSTRALIAN police have claimed to have found no sign of a missing child after dashcam footage sparked an eight-hour search.

Dashcam footage from driver Mitch Kuhne captures the moment his car narrowly missed hitting a "child" that had wandered onto the Hume Highway just south of Sydney.

What appears to be a child in the footage moves across the road just moments before the driver speeds by.

The video captures a silhouette in the middle of the left-hand lane of the highway.

NSW police confirmed to Daily Mail Australia they had received an emergency call about the child on Sunday night around 7pm.

Several officers attended the scene and searched the area but no child was found.

The search was called off at 3:45am on Monday morning.

However, the mystery continues as Mr Kuhne claims that the police told him that the child had in fact been found safe and was being collected.

Mr Kuhne posted the footage to his Facebook page where he explained what had happened: "I was told on the phone by the officer that there is no need to send it [the location of the child] as the child had been collected safely and was on its way home.

"I felt absolutely sick when all this happened I instantly felt so much better when I was told the kid had been collected.

"Now to see that they are claiming I was never told this makes me sick as I have the exact time and station I called on record!"

Police have confirmed that they did not find a child on the highway and that they did not tell Mr Kuhne they had either.

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