Mystery 'sonic boom' rocks hundreds of homes

Mystery ‘sonic boom’ rocks hundreds of homes and sets off car alarms in Devon, Somerset and Dorset

  • Residents reported hearing blast at around 3pm in Devon, Somerset and Dorset 
  • Dozens took to social media after feeling an accompanying shockwave
  • Ministry of Defence told MailOnline the bang was not linked to any RAF activity 

A mystery ‘sonic boom’ has been felt across Devon, Somerset and Dorset which rocked homes and set car alarms sounding. 

Residents took to social media after hearing the blast and feeling an accompanying shockwave at around 3pm today. 

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Defence told MailOnline that the bang was not linked to any RAF activity.

People on Twitter have since been speculating on the cause.

One wrote: ‘There was a giant boom over a large area where I live, I heard it too. It wasn’t a sonic boom from an aircraft though so nobody knows what it was.’ 

Another added: ‘Think we heard the #sonicboom about an hour ago in Somerset…ran upstairs thinking something heavy had crashed on the floor!!!! 

‘Flushed face even went out to look at the roof Face with tears of joy #Somerset #SonicBoom.’

And a third commented: ‘Still can’t see report of #sonicboom like sound yet. I was up on Quart Moor on the Bkackdowns and it was loud, like louder than thunder, shook the ground slightly, but clearly a long way off. 

‘Sounded like it was from Yeovil direction. Seen reported all over Somerset and Dorset.’

This is a developing story. 

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