Nature lovers compete at TREE HUGGING championships in Scotland

Nature lovers competing at TREE HUGGING championships in Scotland are judged on how dedicated and creative their hugs are

  • Martina Sanchez-Wilson, 31, from Patagonia, won the tree hugging contest

It may not quite be the Olympics – but forest worker Martina Sanchez-Wilson felt ‘fantastic’ after winning this year’s Scottish Tree Hugging Championships.

Ms Sanchez-Wilson from Patagonia, South America, wore an oak-leaf head-dress and ivy leaves for the contest.

The 31-year-old was judged as the best across three categories.

Participants at An Darach forest in Argyll were judged on the most dedicated hug and most creative ‘freestyle’ hug. 

They also had to speed hug as many trees as possible in a minute.

Tree hugging champion Martina Sanchez- Wilson, 31, smiles as she grasps a tree tunk

Competitor Kathie Griffiths kisses a tree during the Championships in Scotland

Organiser Hugh Asher, 50, said: ‘Tree hugging really is the upper end of connection by actually embracing a tree.’

The event was run in association with the World Tree Hugging Championships held in the HaliPuu Forest in Finland.

Tree hugging is seen by some as a way to become more calm and is practised around the world.

The event in Scotland aims to raise awareness of nature in the local and global community and promote understanding about the benefits of trees for health.

Organisers also hope it will increase people’s appreciation and bring people together.

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