New York City gunman fired rifle at man walking his dog, startling video shows

NYPD shares video of suspect they claim shot and killed an innocent bystander

Raw video: Police say surveillance footage shows the gunman who pulled the trigger and killed an innocent man walking his dog in Manhattan.

New York City police have released a startling video showing the moment a rifle-wielding man opened fire on an innocent bystander walking his dog.

Surveillance footage taken from a camera in Manhattan’s Harlem neighborhood early Monday begins with the suspect – who has not been captured yet — hiding the weapon behind his body with one hand, and using the other to take a phone call.

As a man walks by, he takes aim at the individual’s head, holding the barrel of the weapon just feet away from it. Police sources told the New York Post that this man was his intended target, but the weapon jammed – allowing that individual to escape.

The man accused of opening fire on an innocent bystander who was walking his dog in New York City.

The suspect flees after managing to fire off one round, which struck the leg of 40-year-old Winston McKay, who was out walking his dog.

McKay was reported to have been clutching his dog’s leash while crying out for help after the shooting, and he later died at a local hospital.

The Sunday night before the shooting, he had been celebrating his anniversary with his husband.

“We met 18 years ago on that day, so it was more like a late birthday party, anniversary party thing,” his husband, Terry Solomon, told the New York Post. “He was walking by and just a casualty — walking and he got hit.”

The gunman in the footage, and another man who was seen standing next to him during the attack, have not been identified by authorities.

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