Nikki Haley says ‘fallen’ Trump won’t run for federal office again

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Nikki Haley says she doesn’t believe former President Donald Trump will run for office again because “he’s fallen so far.”

The former UN ambassador — whose name has been floated as a potential GOP presidential candidate in 2024 — distanced herself from her one-time boss in a new interview with Politico Magazine.

“He’s not going to run for federal office again,” Haley told the publication.

Pressed on whether Trump will spend the next four years gearing up for another run, she replied, “I don’t think he’s going to be in the picture. I don’t think he can. He’s fallen so far.”

She then alluded to Trump’s alleged responsibility in the Jan. 6 insurrection at the US Capitol, a siege that left five people, including a Capitol Police officer, dead.

“We need to acknowledge he let us down,” Haley added. “He went down a path he shouldn’t have, and we shouldn’t have followed him, and we shouldn’t have listened to him. And we can’t let that ever happen again.”

The former governor of South Carolina also condemned Trump for repeatedly pressuring then-Vice President Mike Pence to block the congressional certification of Joe Biden’s presidential win.

“When I tell you I’m angry, it’s an understatement,” Haley said. “Mike has been nothing but loyal to that man. He’s been nothing but a good friend of that man. … I am so disappointed in the fact that [despite] the loyalty and friendship he had with Mike Pence, that he would do that to him. Like, I’m disgusted by it.”

Haley said she hasn’t spoken to Trump since Jan. 6.

In the days after the Capitol attack, she told the Republican National Committee that Trump was “badly wrong with his words” at the rally that led to the insurrection.

“And it wasn’t just his words,” she said at the time. “His actions since Election Day will be judged harshly by history.”

Asked how Trump should be held accountable, Haley told Politico Magazine, “I think he’s going to find himself further and further isolated.

“I think his business is suffering at this point. I think he’s lost any sort of political viability he was going to have. I think he’s lost his social media, which meant the world to him. I mean, I think he’s lost the things that really could have kept him moving.”

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