‘Optical illusion’ cycle lane claims another casualty as pensioner trips over curb and is left bloodied and bruised | The Sun

A PENSIONER has been left bloodied and bruised after tripping over an "optical illusion" cycle lane that has now claimed 60 victims.

Dave Dawson, 76, is the latest casualty of the curbed cycle lane on the high street in Keynsham, Somerset.

Some 59 people have been injured on the street since the cycle lane was installed last year, according to council figures.

Mary Richmond, 71, broke her shoulder in two places after a fall from the curb last year.

The lane has been blasted for it's confusing lined design, which hides a two-inch drop from the pavement onto the cycleway.

The apparent optical illusion has confused pedestrians who believe the pavement and cycleway are on the same level.

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They then trip up as they step down off the pavement.

Mr Dawson was seen falling into the road before bystanders came to help him up.

His hands were left bloodied from the fall.

He said: "I stepped with my right foot on the edge of the pavement because it looked flat, and I lost my balance and fell down.

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"I cut the palms of my hands and my knees a bit because the surface of the cycle lane is very sharp."

Confusingly, in some places there is no drop between the pavement and the cycleway.

Mr Dawson said he went on to trip a second time in the same day, even after carefully watching his step.

Alan Hale, a councillor for Keynsham South, said 59 people have now been recorded as hurt along the road, according to a response to his Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

Of these, 21 sought damages from the council for their injuries,

Some seven of these have been rejected but the rest remain under investigation.

The lane, which used to be the same colour as the road, was painted red in August last year – after 46 people were injured.

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