Parents, grandparents and kids excited by easing of restrictions

Melbourne parents are happy and relieved that their children can head back to childcare from Monday.

Rachel Waugh-Manly and Daniel Manly, of South Yarra said their three-year-old daughter, Rose, was excited to hear she could return to childcare.

"She kept asking when she could return, she really missed the social connection, her friends
and teachers," Rachel said.

Ready for return: Rachel Manley-Waugh and husband Daniel Waugh with their 3-year-old daughter Rose and 5-month-old son Gus.Credit:Penny Stephens

Childcare centres have been closed since early August, except for vulnerable children and kids of permitted workers, and Rachel said she’s looking forward to Rose interacting with others again.

“Childcare is a crucial part of Rose’s life; it's having that curriculum, where they give them new
activities and experiences,” Rachel said.

With a lack of social interaction, Daniel said it’s been “humorous” watching Rose play during

“Before COVID-19, she used to make cups of tea in her kitchen and now she makes-believe
she’s packing her suitcase and going on holidays,” Daniel said.

Anne and Michael Waugh are relieved they’ll be able to see their grandchildren when the COVID-19 Stage 4 Restrictions in Metro Melbourne are eased. Credit:Penny Stephens

“Through lockdown we haven’t been able to do that, coupled with not being able to see them full-stop. It’s been really tough,” Michael said.

Anne said they relied on video calls to communicate with their grandchildren during lockdown,
but it wasn’t the same.

“I think it’s fantastic now not having to look through a door or a window, and actually being able
to have human touch again, with people that you've obviously missed,” Anne said.

Michael said it’s going to be great to see his grandchildren again but it’s also about supporting
their children.

“It’s not just about us, it’s about everyone,” Michael said.

Anne said she’s looking forward to the next step, when she will be able to host a pizza night

“It will be fantastic when we can go back to our normal fortnightly pizza night with all our
daughters and grandchildren,” Anne said.

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