Pentagon has classified VIDEO of two car-sized 'ball of light' UFOs shadowing US warship, says 'Tic-Tac' filmmaker

THE PENTAGON allegedly has a video taken from the deck of a US warship showing two car-sized ball of light UFOs.

Footage is said to have been filmed by crew aboard the USS Kearsarge of the strange encounter – but it is has now been locked away and marked as classified.

Documentary filmmaker Dave C. Beaty – who produced 2019 film The Nimitz Encounters about the famous 2004 US Navy encounter with the "Tic Tac" object – said he understands the video exists.

It comes as US military begins to open up about the mysterious phenomena which is now being openly discussed by military insiders and politicians.

Mr Beaty revealed details of the USS Kearsarge's encounter earlier this month as it becomes the latest warship to have allegedly been shadowed by UFOs.

The phenomena – described by sources familiar with the encounter as odd and menacing "balls of light" – are said to have been following around half a mile behind the ship and around 200 feet above the ocean in October 2021.


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Mr Beaty told The Sun Online the US Marines who sighted the objects filed a report on the incident with the Department of Defense.

The report included a video – but that report and footage is now understand to have been marked as classified.

It shows while the US is being more open about UFOs – there still remains a veil of secrecy about the strange encounters.

The US Navy officially updated its UFO reporting guidelines in 2019 as it sought to "update and formalise" the process.

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It is understood a message to the fleet was sent out detailing these new instructions and procedures.

UFOs are now more commonly referred to in the military as UAP – unidentified aerial phenomena.

Documents released this week explained the change, telling the US Navy's press office to explicitly not to use the term UFO.

"The latter term is intrinsically linked to the concept of extraterrestrials and the associated hysteria generated by the media that cover this topic," it reads.

Much of the US's renewed efforts over UAP sightings has been an apparent effort to seemingly focus the reporting process.

The UAP report released last summer said that "efforts are underway the standardize incident reporting across the US military services and other government agencies".

But it is understood however that UAP reports remain filed as classified.

And this is something which frustrates many who call for more openness in the investigation of the topic, including open up the files so they can be studied by civilian scientists.

USS Kearsarge had been training at the time ahead of an overseas deployment – including with systems designed to take down enemy drones.

The weapons included anti-drone "Ghostbusters" style backpacks, and systems mounted on vehicles.

Pictures from the ship's public Facebook page reveal they had these capabilities on board at the time. of the alleged encounter.

The objects are said to have been spotted by the deck watch at night – who could not gain thermal targeting lock on them.

Marines onboard are said to have believed at first the unexplained objects were part of a surprise training exercise for the new anti-drone weapons.

However, they discovered the countermeasures did not disrupt the objects – which were doing swooping manoeuvres as they followed the ship.

Mark told Mr Beaty that the USS Kearsarge radioed command about the objects and were informed the objects were "not ours".

Mr Beaty previously revealed deck logs that confirmed a UFO encounter by the USS Kidd – when the destroyer swarmed by at least four unexplained objects in July 2019.

And there has been a step change in recent years, after a the infamous trio of US Navy UFO videos, the "Gimbal", "Go Fast", and "Tic Tac".

The footage stunned the world and remains unexplained – and sparking a new, more mainstream, interest in UFOs.

US officials have now set up a new office in the Pentagon – putting an official reporting structure in place for UFO encounters for the first time in decades.

It came after a landmark report on the subject was released last summer – confirming dozens of unexplained encounters, now more commonly referred to as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs).

Defence insiders, intelligence officials, senators and former presidents have all gone on record admitting there is unexplained something in the skies.

And it comes after the Pentagon released 1,574 pages of documents related to its now-shut down UFO programme.

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The documents were government commissioned scientific reports and letters to the Pentagon regarding the UFO programme.

The haul included reports into research on the biological effects of UFO sightings on humans, sets out categorisations for paranormal experiences, and studies into sci-fi-style tech.

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