Pizza-loving groundhog is living his best life while we’re stuck inside

Meet Pizza Rat’s way cuter cousin.

An adorable buck-toothed groundhog was captured on camera casually munching on a slice while peeking into a Philadelphia woman’s home through a sliding glass door.

The ravenous rodent is shown chomping on the stolen snack next to a backyard barbecue as he gazes into Kristin Chalela Bagnell’s house in footage she posted on Facebook.

“It’s not just the people that like Philly pizza,” Bagnell quipped in the caption of the video.

At one point, her dogs Maggie and Moses run to the door to investigate the furry intruder — but the gutsy groundhog was undeterred.

The critter stayed in the spot, enjoying his meal, for more than an hour, Bagnell said.

Pizza Rat shot to viral fame in 2015 thanks to a video of the vermin dragging a slice of pie at a Manhattan subway station.

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