Plane passenger says he was ‘fat-shamed’ by stewardess who told him to move seat

A plane passenger claims he was 'fat-shamed' by a flight attendant after she told him he had to move seats.

Darren Beales, from Geelong, Australia, was reportedly ordered to move because he needed an extended seat belt, which is not allowed in an emergency exit row seat, under regulations.

Aviation rules state that in the event of a crash, passengers sat in emergency exit rows are responsible for opening the plane's doors.

Darren said that when he questioned the stewardess about the regulation, she suggested he should buy two seats on future journeys.

The passenger, who was on a flight from Melbourne to Brisbane, has now branded the Qantas employee a 'bully', claiming she fat-shamed him.

He told Australia's Today on Nine breakfast television show: "It made me feel really belittled. 

"I could have helped in an emergency, there were no problems about assisting anyone else.

"You can't sit in an exit seat with an extended seat belt but all I was paying for was the extra leg room, which I never received."

Speaking to the Geelong Advertiser, he added: "She told me I was required to move due to 'air regulations' — but then she turned around and said 'next time you can pay for a second seat for half price'.

"I can fit into the seat fine – I didn't need a second seat."

The passenger said he was upset by the remark and even considered getting off the flight.

A Qantas spokesman said the airline's exit row rules were based on Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulations, reports the Daily Mail .

They added that the airline would contact the customer about his complaint.

CASA regulations state that only those who are willing to assist others in crises can sit in the emergency exit row.

They must also be proficient in English, 15-years-old or over and able-bodied.

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