Putin’s shady billions EXPOSED as leaked docs reveal secret ski resorts, vineyards & superyachts worth nearly £4bn | The Sun

VlADIMIR Putin's billionaire lifestyle has once again been exposed as leaked docs connect him to a network holding property, vineyards and yachts with nearly £4billion.

Russia's president has long been believed to live a luxurious lifestyle off the back of state corruption – with some suggesting he may be one of the world's richest men with a net worth of up to £160billion.

His wealth is believed to be comparable to the £170b fortune of Elon Musk, and is thought to exceeds the £135b and £120b of Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates.

Putin is understood to be inseparable from the Russian state – and he has vast holdings in oil and gas which he obtained from his cronies and through corruption.

Kremlin officials always deny reports of the tyrant's extraordinary wealth, instead insisting he lives modestly on a comparatively paltry salary of £70,000.

The Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project and Russian news site Meduza has now revealed a paper trial that provides an insight into Putin's suspected fortune.


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Digital records all using the common email domain name – LLCInvest.ru – appear to suggest Putin has been hiding behind a number of companies to allegedly buy up luxury property across Russia.

Investigators probed properties linked to Putin – and found some of the firms behind the purchases were connected by the common domain.

LLCInvest.ru emails appear to be linked to 86 different companies and organisations, which all operate on servers owned by telecoms company Moskomsvyaz, which has close links to Bank Rossiya.

Bank Rossiya – based in Putin's home city of St Petersburg – is under sanction by the West and described by the US as the "personal bank for senior officials of the Russian Federation".

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So with all these spiderweb connections, the OCCRP and reporters managed to make a two pronged link between the £3.7billion in assets and Vlad.

It is not suggested that all the users of the LLCInvest.ru domain are involved in managing assets that have been linked to Putin.

Some of the properties and assets linked to Putin by the investigation are truly astonishing – exposing his rich list lifestyle.

And yet Vlad is allowing his economy to be strangled by Western sanctions – with companies quitting the rogue state due to the war in Ukraine – all the while allegedly living like a gold-plated Tsar.

The newly uncovered records once again link Putin to a £1billion palace on the shores of the Black Sea.

The property has a swimming pool, a spa, saunas, a bar, a theater, a cinema, a wine cellar and a casino.

It is a sprawling pile that spans an incredible 18,000 square metres.

Vlad's palace also includes a guest house, its own petrol station, an arboretum, a helipad and is even alleged to have a stripper pole.

Putin is also believed to own acres of vineyards around the palace for his "hobby" of making wine.

Moving on from the Black Sea coast, Putin is also believed to own a number of holiday homes around the Baltic Sea and Lake Ladoga in northern Russia.

He has been linked to a lavish property called Villa Sellgren that is known by locals as "Putin's Dacha".

It is alleged to feature a gold-plated swimming pool and underground spa – with the property paved with expensive marble.

The once grand property was in disrepair before it underwent an expensive renovation, believed to be for Vlad.

Putin is also linked to a wood-clad building just north of St Petersburg known as "The Fisherman's Hut"

But despite its modest name, the property is a modern mansion believed to be Vlad's country retreat on the shores of Lake Ladoga.

It even has grass growing across its roof to protect it from Western spy satellites.

Vlad is alleged to use the retreat when he wants to escape from the public eye.

And it can be accessed by chopper with an onsite helipad as the house is surrounded by eight miles of wire fence patrolled by guards.

The property is officially own by a non-profit organisation named Revival of Maritime Traditions.

But this is the same company who was recently sanctioned by the US as they own two yachts – Shellest and Nega – both linked to Putin.

Shellest is understood to be a 151 foot yacht brimming with luxuries such as a hot tub and massive bedrooms.

And meanwhile Nega is understood to be a British-made 104 foot boat capable of entertaining up to ten guests.

Putin is believed to use Shellest while holidaying on the Black Sea, and while in Russia's north he vacations aboard Nega.

The final asset in the new dossier linked to Putin is a stake in the Igora ski resort – which is where Vlad's daughter got married in 2013.

"The president of the Russian Federation is in no way connected or affiliated with the objects and organisations you named," a Kremlin spokesman told The Guardian.

It comes as Putin continues to wage a disastrous war in Ukraine – which is believed to have cost him as many as 50,000 troops.

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And rumours are swirling about both the tyrant's health and his future, with reports he could be ill and facing a potential coup.

Vlad is clinging on for now – with his allies continuing to viciously threat to escalate the conflict into what could become World War 3.

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