Raccoon falls from ceiling panel and crashes city council session

Uninvited guest! Shocking moment raccoon crash lands into Mexican city council meeting, falling onto startled politicians who scatter as fast as critter

  • A raccoon crashed city council session in the Mexican resort town of Acapulco 
  • Video captured the critter falling through a ceiling panel and sparking panic
  • A second raccoon was spotted sitting on the side of the panel and never jumped

This is the perfect way to show up unannounced at your local city council meeting.

A raccoon did just that and a bit more when it crashed a recent session in Acapulco, Mexico.

Surveillance footage released Thursday shows members of the resort town’s council meeting inside a conference hall when a critter suddenly fell from the ceiling panel.

The shocked critter ran around and then leaped on top of a table as the politicians screamed and even laughed at the fright of their fellow legislators.

A raccoon invaded a city council budget meeting in the Mexican resort city of Acapulco and had frightened politicians shouting while others laughed at the scared colleagues 

A raccoon disrupted a city council budge meeting in the Mexican resort town of Acapulco

Members of the Acapulco city council were in the middle of a session when their meeting was interrupted by a raccoon that came crashing down through a ceiling panel 

According to Acapulco newspaper El Sur, the incident took place December 22 while the city council was reviewing the budget package for January and  February. 

The Acapulco city hall happens to be located inside the 52-acre Papagayo Park, making it an ideal visiting point for raccoons roaming the area. 

It’s unknown how the raccoon made it inside the building – let alone the ceiling. 

The critter eventually escaped through a side entrance door after interrupting the city council session

Attendees at an Acapulco city council session in December jumped on top of a table after a raccoon crashed through a ceiling panel

The video also shows a second raccoon perched on the edge of the overhead surface.

However, the animal remained in place after a piece of the ceiling covering fell to the ground as council members stood on chairs and tables.

The intruding raccoon continued running around the room before it ran out through a side entrance door.

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