Randy pottery buyers are snapping up ‘natural’ sex toys made of china – The Sun

RANDY pottery buyers are going for a different kind of Wedgwood and snapping up sex toys made of china.

The £89.99 kitsch creations have sold out at She Said, which has a bulging waiting list of customers desperate to try them out.

They were the brainchild of Nic ­Ramsey, owner of the erotic boutique in Brighton. She turned to artist Vanessa Conyers who has created floral, butterfly, cat and vintage pin-up designs.

Nic said: “Men have been sent in to buy them for their partners. They have been such an unexpected hit that we now have a waiting list for Christmas.”

“I said ‘do you think you could make a dildo?’ and she said ‘I’ll give it a whirl’.

“These are beautiful handmade things and I haven’t seen anyone else making anything else like it."

Nic, 49, wanted something harking back to the Victorian era when sex toys were made from natural materials.

She said: “Vanessa is a ceramicist more known for plates and bowls and things.

“These are a world away from high-tech sex toys, low tech and very artistic.”

There are also plans for a range of geisha and rock ’n’roll designs in the coming months.

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