Rishi Sunak hints households may get more help with bills in autumn

Rishi Sunak hints that households may get more help with bills in the autumn if energy price cap rises

  • Rishi Sunak yesterday the government could provide help for UK households
  • The Chancellor was asked what he plans to do if the price cap rises in October
  • Britons are being squeezed financially as energy prices continue to soar

The Chancellor hinted yesterday that he could provide further help with energy bills this autumn if gas and electricity costs continue to soar.

Asked if the Government would take action if the price cap goes up again in October, Rishi Sunak told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: ‘Yes, of course we’ll have to see where we are by the autumn.’

Pressed on whether that meant yes, he added: ‘I always keep everything under review.

‘But energy prices are very volatile, and I don’t think you, I or anyone else has any certainty about what will happen.’ 

Energy prices have been rising as international markets enforce sanctions against Russian oil

Downing Street said ministers stood ready to provide further support.

‘We need to keep a watchful eye. We are there to support the public when needed, as we have been throughout,’ said the Prime Minister’s official spokesman.

Mr Sunak suggested that forecasts on energy prices could be proved wrong. He said: ‘I do not know about energy bills in the autumn and no one does.

‘And I think because we’re dealing right now with a situation, particularly with Ukraine and Russia, which is highly volatile, there’s a very high degree of uncertainty about the near term because it’s unclear how that situation is going to play out.’

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