Sean Connery has lucky escape as Hurricane Dorian kills 20 in Bahamas

Sean Connery has lucky escape as Hurricane Dorian kills 20 in the Bahamas

  •  Sir Sean Connery has revealed he had a lucky escape from Hurricane Dorian
  •  The 89-year-old actor faced the storm in the Bahamas with his wife Micheline
  •  At least 20 have been confirmed killed in the wake of the category five hurricane

Sir Sean Connery says he is ‘lucky’ to have escaped Hurricane Dorian unharmed after it wreaked destruction in the Bahamas.

The Bond star lives on the island of New Providence, which was largely spared by the storm, with his wife Micheline.

But at least 20 people were killed in the category five hurricane, which battered the islands with gusts of up to 225mph. The death toll is expected to rise as the clean-up operation continues.

The 89-year-old actor is no stranger to tense moment on the silver screen but even he admits to being ‘lucky’ in escaping Hurricane Dorian’s wrath

‘We are both fine,’ the 89-year-old actor told the Scottish Daily Mail. ‘We were lucky compared to many others and the damage here was not great. We had been prepared for the storm, everything was ready in advance – we weren’t taking any chances and knew what to do.’

Sir Sean has lived in the Bahamas since the 1990s, and owns a mansion in Lyford Cay, an exclusive gated community on New Providence, around 90 miles from Great Abaco, which was worst hit by the storm.

Among the survivors is a British woman who was rescued after spending days trapped under the rubble of a collapsed building on Great Abaco.

20 people have been killed in the wake of Hurricane Dorian, with death tolls expected to increase as rescue efforts continue

She was saved by a crew from RFA Mounts Bay, an auxiliary ship staffed by civilians and members of the Royal Navy, deployed to the islands to help with the rescue effort.

After being treated by Royal Navy medics the unnamed woman was airlifted to hospital in the Bahamian capital of Nassau.

The rescue team, aboard a Royal Navy Wildcat helicopter, also saved an American mother and her three children, including a seven-week old baby.

Five days after Hurricane Dorian hit, at least 135 people have been pulled alive from the wreckage. But the storm has left 60,000 people without food and clean water.

Last night British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said the Government had set aside £1.5million in assistance.

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