Shocking video shows zombified addicts in the streets of Philadelphia

It’s not always sunny in Philadelphia! Shocking new video show zombified homeless drug addicts passed out in the streets as fires burn on the sidewalk near encampments in crime-ridden, Dem-led city

  • Alarming new video shows addicts hunched over and passed out on the street
  • Footage shows fires burning on trash covered sidewalks near encampments
  • The jarring scene remains the same since similar video emerged this summer

Disturbing new video from Philadelphia shows addicts on the street in a trance like state, passed out on the sidewalk in the city’s multiple homeless encampments.

In the Kensington neighborhood, the footage shows fires burning on trash littered sidewalks as groups of people set up camp.

Drug users are seen hunched over with no control of their limbs, while others are sprawled across the garbage covered streets.

Large groups have taken over the sidewalks, turning them into homeless encampments where many people live in their own filth.

The neighborhood is known as ‘ground zero’ for the city’s drug epidemic and has become an open-air drug market.

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Business owners have taken matters into their own hands to try and fend off addicts from loitering in front of their stores 

Drug users in a zombie like state can be found on the streets of Kensington any time of day

Many of the addicts living on the streets are forced to turn to crime and theft to sustain themselves.

One local activist revealed businesses are using booby traps like sprinkler systems to keep drug addicts away from their storefronts.

‘Businesses end up throwing soapy water on the ground just so it is wet, and it is not a comfortable place to sit down,’ said activist Frank Rodriguez. ‘There’s businesses that set up sprinkler systems, they have to set up these crazy little hacks and booby traps just to keep people of their stoops.’

Philadelphia police department data shows that citywide theft is up two percent compared to last year and total property crimes are up by 22.35 percent.

Additionally, crime data reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer shows that Kensington has one of the highest drug crime rates in the city.

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy toured Kensington as part of a campaign stop. He captioned footage of his visit with, ‘The people I met in Kensington, PA, couldn’t care less if you had an R or D next to your name. Fentanyl, Violence and homelessness are the problem. That’s what we show up to fix. America First.’

The picture remains the same since Ramaswamy visited the neighborhood in July. Crowds of people are still slumped over in the ‘dope lean,’ living on the streets.

The gruesome scene is fueled by the use of a potent animal tranquilizer, Xylazine, known as ‘tranq’. A powerful sedative, it has infiltrated the drug supply and is used to enhance the effects of heroin, fentanyl and cocaine.

A potent animal tranquilizer known as ‘tranq’ has infiltrated the drug supply

Vivek Ramaswamy saw this homeless encampment on the corner of Kensington & Allegheny

In July, addicts are seen shooting up while sitting on the streets in Kensington

Drug users can be found passed out or in a lifeless trance after using drugs mixed with ‘tranq’

Philadelphia’s Opioid Response Unit released an action plan to tackle the overdose crisis in April

In 2021, the Center for Disease Control found that Pennsylvania had one of the highest drug overdose death rates in the country, reaching 5,449 overdose deaths.

Philadelphia’s Opioid Response Unit outlined its plan to address the overdose crisis in April. They announced investments in community-based efforts and a law enforcement partnership to disrupt the drug market.

The City of Brotherly Loves District Attorney Larry Krasner was impeached in 2022 for his failure to crack down on crime, however he remains in office.

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