Smoker is fined £1,400 for dropping cigarette at train station

A SMOKER has landed a massive £1,400 fine for dropping a cigarette butt.

John Wilson, 56, was spotted flicking a cigarette on the ground at Ashford International Station in Ashford, Kent.

He was caught smoking on camera by a council enforcement officer and slapped with a £75 fixed penalty notice.

Mr Wilson, of Coventry, failed to pay the fine and was taken to court, where he was ordered to pay £250 in court costs and a £30 victim surcharge.

Jobless Mr Wilson, however, appealed against the fine, but lost his case at Canterbury Crown Court last week.

He'd previously been found guilty of littering.

The court upheld the fine and added another £1,000 in costs.


Mr Wilson's final bill, which he will pay from his benefits over the next 18 months, came to a whopping £1,380.

It comes after a woman was slapped with a £330 fine for tossing two cigarette butts on the ground at a McDonald’s car park.

Lynette Willdigg, 34, was caught dropping the stubbed-out butts in Cannock, Staffs and given a fine of £75.

Enforcement officers from Cannock Council ordered her to pay the fixed penalty, which would have been reduced to £50 if she paid within 10 days.

However Ms Willdigg, of Hall Meadow, Cannock failed to pay the fine and was taken to court.

The North Staffordshire magistrates found her guilty of littering.

Her fine was increased to £220 and was ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £30 and costs of £80.

Mike Walker, an environmental protection manager, revealed that the council removes and disposes of 245 tonnes of waste from the streets and much of is takeaway packaging and cigarette-related items.

This waste comes at a cost of £135,000 to council tax payers.

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