Soldier, 18, ‘fighting for his life in after cocaine binge in Kenya’

Teenage soldier, 18, ‘is fighting for his life in hospital after taking cocaine while on deployment in Kenya having broken his curfew to sneak out of his base’

  • Pte Nathan Scott, 18, from Stoke, was deployed to Kenya on Saturday
  • He and fellow teens of 7 Reg, Royal Logistics Corp, are thought to have bought drink and drugs when they were sent for supplies from Nanyuki training base
  • He was airlifted to hospital after having a bad reaction after taking cocaine

Pte Nathan Scott, 18, from Stoke, is under police guard in a Kenyan hospital after breaking his curfew on an army training base and having a bad reaction to taking cocaine

A young private is understood to be fighting for his life in an African hospital after breaking curfew on deployment and taking cocaine.

Pte Nathan Scott, 18, from Stoke, arrived in Kenya on Saturday as part of an 80-person unit deployed to the army’s Nanyuki training base.

But he and three fellow teenagers of 7 Reg, Royal Logistics Corp, are thought to have bought drink and drugs when they were sent for supplies and were hours late returning to base.

He was airlifted to hospital, The Sun reported, after having what is believed to have been a bad reaction to the narcotic.

A source told the paper: ‘Top brass are absolutely fuming about what’s happened — but there’s actually a lot of anger towards them from soldiers.

‘Why was a young group on their first foreign deployment allowed to venture out by themselves — without a senior chaperone?”

The source went on: ‘Everyone is really worried for him. These guys are just kids and Kenya is a real s**thole.

The British unit deploying out on the ground in Kenya. They arrived on Saturday

An embedded reporter said one of the main dramas for the soldiers is how the local wildlife has been active enough at night to keep the majority of the Squadron awake

‘It’s no place to go and get off your head as a young soldier on your first trip abroad.’

Pte Scott was under police guard in hospital and it is understood he and another private, also 18, are under arrest.

His mother and sister flew to Kenya yesterday to be by his bedside.

An Army spokesman told MailOnline: ‘We are aware of an incident involving soldiers from the British Army Training Unit Kenya.

‘This is currently being investigated and it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage.’

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