Subway perv strikes again while on probation for same crime

A chronic sex offender who is on probation for a long history of transit sex crimes was caught committing yet another lewd act on the subway, police said Wednesday.

Jermaine Hampton, 35, was busted last week for rubbing his groin against a 21-year-old woman who was holding onto the support pole on a northbound 4 train, cops said.

He was repeating the very same crime for which he was on a 10-year probation, police say.

His alleged dirty exploit tipped off a team of transit cops, who immediately arrested him. Once in custody, they realized Hampton — who records show has been charged five times for transit sex crimes since 2016 — is a registered Level 1 offender.

The persistent pervert had been hit with a decade of probation in October 2017 after he pressed himself against a 22-year-old woman’s buttocks, authorities said.

But the unusually long probation didn’t seem to serve as a deterrent to Hampton, and police sources say his case serves as further proof that the current punishments for subway creeps aren’t tough enough.

“The same group of pervert offenders is committing these same heinous crimes over and over and over again,” said a high-ranking police source.

“Our dedicated cops are out busting them time and time and time again to take them off the trains. But we need a real consequences for these sex offenders to fully protect riders.”

Hampton was first nabbed for a transit sex offense in May 2016, was he was spotted grinding against a 20-year-old woman on 5 train.

When officers interviewed the woman, her 17-year-old sister confessed he had also done the same thing to her. He was arrested on two counts of forcible touching and sentenced to 90 days in prison.

A year later, he did the same thing again, grabbing two women from behind on a Staten Island bus. This time, he was slapped with two more counts of forcible touching and a four-month order of protection for his victim — which didn’t seem to help, either.

“I’m seeing that over and over … What is the point of the order of protection?” said another police source. “He’s going to go up to another person. It’s meaningless. He doesn’t know that victim. He’s never going to see that victim again.”

Hampton is currently being held on $30,000 bail and is set to appear in court on May 24 for a felony persistent sexual abuse charge.

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