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The Age covers many subjects – sport, culture, politics, business and more – but central to our purpose is public interest journalism.

From exposing Crown Resorts’ misdoings, to investigating alleged war crimes by Australian soldiers, to revealing the misuse of community grants for political purposes, The Age has an unrivalled reputation for fearless journalism in the public interest.

Few other newsrooms commit the time and effort to reveal what many would prefer to keep secret.

The Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC) and Ombudsman’s report into misuse of public funds, rampant nepotism and widespread misuse of public resources in the Victorian branch of the Labor Party was a direct result of Age and 60 Minutes’ investigative journalism that was published in June 2020.

Age reporters Nick McKenzie and Sumeyya Ilanbey spent months working with whistleblowers to piece together how Labor’s culture became mired in what IBAC Commissioner Robert Redlich concluded was “grey or soft corruption”.

Investigative journalism is time-consuming, difficult and legally challenging in Australia. I want to thank subscribers for the support that enables us to do such work.

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