Suspect in Polish slaying killed by police outside Berlin

BERLIN — German police shot and killed a man who had fled from Poland after allegedly killing a woman there, when he pulled a gun on them after they pulled over his car on a highway outside Berlin, authorities said Thursday.

Brandenburg police told The Associated Press the 25-year-old Polish man was killed Wednesday afternoon, after they pulled over his Mazda sedan with Polish plates as he attempted to get on to the A10 ring road around the German capital.

The car’s plates matched those provided by police in neighboring Poland, who had issued an all-points-bulletin for him after he allegedly shot and killed a 26-year-old Ukrainian woman in a laundromat, warning that he was thought to be armed and dangerous, police spokesman Torsten Herbst said.

As two officers approached the car, the suspect, whose name was not released, pointed a pistol at two officers and refused multiple commands to put the weapon down, Herbst said.

The officers then fired at him multiple times, killing him, he said.

The man has been identified preliminarily as the suspect sought by Polish authorities for the killing in Gorzow, about 130 kilometers (80 miles) from where he was eventually found in Germany, Herbst said.

German prosecutors are expected to soon take over the investigation, as a matter of routine in police-involved shootings.

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