Teenage girl 'in pink pyjamas' missing after 'falling overboard' on cruise ship

A hunt is underway for a teenage girl who reportedly fell overboard from a luxury cruise ship in the early hours of yesterday morning.

The missing person, who is believed to be American and wearing pink pyjamas, vanished after being seen by her parents at 1am.

They stated that she had stayed on the balcony as they went inside to go to bed on the Norwegian Epic.

The girl is believed to have fallen overboard as the ship sailed between Menorca and Mallorca.

A passenger on the ship, Rebekah Sanderlin, 20, said: ‘I’m on the Norwegian Epic cruise ship in the Mediterranean & we’ve spent all day looking for a passenger who fell overboard last night.

‘People are saying it was an American teenage girl.’

Speaking to Weather.com, she added: ‘At about 8.30am, the captain came on the speaker and said the ship was turning around to go back to look for a passenger who he said they had ‘good evidence’ had gone overboard.

A spokesperson for Norwegian Cruises said: ‘Early this morning a report was made that an adult female guest went overboard while the ship was sailing from Cannes, France, to Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

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