Toddler chases peacock after it swipes lunch right out of his mouth

Picknicked! Toddler chases a hungry peacock after it swipes his lunch right out of his mouth

  •  Reece Downs, 3, was enjoying a picnic with family when a peacock stole his food
  •  The cheeky bird steals the food directly from the toddlers mouth before bolting
  •  Unprepared to lose his treat Reece opts to chase down the colourful thief

A toddler has proven just how fast his little legs can carry him after having his afternoon picnic stolen. 

Reece Downs was happily enjoying a picnic with his family on Brownsea Island near Bournemouth, when he was approached by an overly friendly peacock.

Remembering his manners the three year old offers part of the cake he was eating and the bird is more than happy to take it.

Satisfied that all members at the picnic ground have been fed, Reece turns back to eat, but the cheeky bird begs for more food.

In a gesture of childish good will, Reece offers a bigger piece to the bird, turning back to enjoy what’s left of his already reduced treat.

Quick as a flash the bird senses its moment and yanks the rest of the treat from Reece’s mouth, leaving him with only a morsel of his dessert.

Snatched! An unsuspecting Reece is quickly relieved of his food by the cheeky peacock who snatches it without a second thought

The boisterous toddler isn’t one to shy away from a bully and quickly gives chase through the parkland, much to the delight of his parents.

Curving around a fallen log, the pair break into a mad sprint as a separate family watches on, sidestepping so as not to interrupt the pursuit.

By now the felonious fowl has realised he can’t escape and in a fit of terror for any further repercussions from the toddler, he drops the treat.

Unbothered by the journey his food has taken, Reece returns to his parents as the victor before greedily beginning to eat his thoroughly deserved cake. 

What is Brownsea Island? 

Brownsea Island is an a patch of land off the souther coast of the UK. 

The island has regular ferries which leave the nearby port of Poole.

Brownsea Island has a mixed history with proof of human inhabitants dating all way back to 5bc

Unlike the viking invaders who once roamed the shores people can now go and experience this wonderful nature reserve.

The cost of a return trip to the island is £12 per adult and £7 per child

Boats are every half an hour from 10am through to 4.30pm

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