Trans activist who murdered three is 'preying' on women's prison

Trans activist Dana Rivers – who murdered lesbian couple and their 19-year-old son in hate crime – is ‘preying on inmates’ at women’s prison in California

  • A transgender killer has allegedly been harassing female prisoners behind bars 
  • Dana Rivers killed a lesbian couple and their adopted son in November 2016
  • She sparked fury after being placed in a female prison as a biological male

A transgender triple murderer controversially housed in a women’s prison has been accused of ‘preying on inmates’ while bragging about receiving ‘special treatment’ due to California’s woke incarceration policies. 

Dana Rivers, 68, who previously went by David Chester Warfield before transitioning to female, brutally shot and stabbed lesbian couple Charlotte Reed and Patricia Wright, before turning the gun on their 19-year-old adopted son Benny Diambu-Wright in November 2016.

At her sentencing last month, judge Scott Patton said the killings were ‘the most depraved crime I ever handled in the criminal justice system in 33 years’. 

But a 2021 California law allowing criminals to request their prison based on their gender identity has allowed Rivers to wreak havoc in Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, California. 

‘Rivers has been a problem since (she) rolled in the door,’ one inmate at the facility told the Washington Free Beacon. ‘(She) is trying to control the women, saying he gets to bypass everything — special treatment.’

Decades before her horrific crime, Rivers was a renowned transgender activist who made national headlines in 1999 after being fired from her teaching job for transitioning genders, and angering faculty by reportedly discussing ‘sexuality and the importance of gender self-determination’ with students.

Transgender murderer Dana Rivers, 68, has allegedly been terrorizing female inmates from behind bars

The Central California Womens Facility in Chowchilla is the largest female prison in California, and houses roughly half of the state’s female prison population 

Patricia Wright (left), her wife Charlotte Reed (right) were stabbed and shot multiple times in their Oakland home by Rivers, before she shot dead their son Benny Diambu-Wright, 19 (center)

After ending up in her chosen prison, which houses roughly half of California’s female inmate population, the murderer has allegedly been terrorizing her peers.

Inmates have complained that she has been leering at the women to make them uncomfortable, while patronizing them and rubbing the outlandish transgender policies in their faces. As part of this, she has allegedly been forcing the women to push her around the prison in a wheelchair. 

California has come under fire in recent years after the introduction of the lenient policy brought concerns for the safety of female prisoners. The move even led inmate Tomiekia Johnson to be fired from her job in the prison after she filed a complaint against the prison enforcing the policy. 

‘I think it’s a slap in the face,’ she told the Washington Free Beacon, claiming that another inmate told her the transgender killer had been ‘staring at my butt.’ 

‘As much as they know I’ve been vocal about being housed with predators, and how much they target me, and how much it’s a known fact that they harass me and provoke me, for them to put him in the building with me is beyond negligent,’ Johnson continued. ‘I feel betrayed by the prison for doing this.’ 

‘Overall, the whole vibe is, how are we supposed to rehabilitate and recover from these traumas when we’re housed with the same kind of people we were trying to get away from,’ added another former inmate Amie Ichikawa. 

‘You thought prison would at least allow you to leave that behind while you work on yourself—meaning [leave behind] domestic abusers and woman beaters.’

Rivers was able to target her prison thanks to Senate Bill 132. At the time it was passed in 2021, just over 1 percent of California’s prison population, or 1,129 inmates, identified as transgender, according to the state’s correction’s department. 

Several other states including Connecticut, Maine and Massachusetts have passed similar laws. 

Rivers is formally known as David Warfield. At her sentencing for the triple murder, the judge said it was ‘the most depraved crime’ he had ever handled in court 

The couple and their son were murdered by Rivers in a hate crime after the transgender activist was banned from attending a women-only lesbian festival in 2016

Wright and Reed shared two other children together. Their son Diambu-Wright, who was also killed, was from Africa

When she carried out the brutal killings almost seven years ago, Rivers shot Reed twice before stabbing her 40 times in a furious rage.

She had been left seething after being banned from a female-only lesbian festival, leading her to target the family, who she knew, out of revenge. 

The transgender activist also murdered Wright by shooting her in the back and left breast and stabbing her in the neck and shoulder, before fatally shooting their adopted son Benny, 19. 

Police rushed to their California home after reports of gunshots, and officers arrived at the home to find a blood-covered Rivers holding a can of gasoline, with knives, brass knuckles and ammunition in her pockets. 

The married couple was pictured on Facebook riding a motorcycle after getting hitched. River attempted to escape on the same motorcycle the night of the murders. 

The killer remained in custody for five years until she was found guilty of the murders in 2021. 

Amie Ichikawa, 41, who spent five years at the same Chowchilla prison Rivers is going to, said the law was ‘lesbophobic’, and endangered the lives of half of California’s female prison population.

Rivers has already been transferred to Chowchilla prison, where well over half of all California’s female inmates are housed

Rivers was an award winning teacher who captured headlines in 1999 after she was fired for transitioning genders, leading her to make a series of TV appearances

Rivers, pictured in 1999, was a US Navy veteran before she became a teacher in California

Rivers was a US Navy Veteran and former award-winning teacher when she went by the name David Warfield in the 1990s.

The veteran notified Center High School in Antelope about her plans to undergo surgery to change her gender and was put on leave before she was fired.

Rivers gained media attention in 1999 following her termination and the launch of a lawsuit against the school that reached a $150,000 settlement.

The alleged murder was in the spotlight for a short period of time and appeared on several television shows, including the Today show.

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