Trump gets in testy exchange with Savannah Guthrie at NBC Town Hall

President Trump defended his handling of the coronavirus and his administration’s response to the pandemic during the opening minutes of a testy town hall discussion Thursday night.

Responding to questions by NBC News’ Savannah Guthrie, Trump said he was tested regularly for the virus prior to the first presidential debate and before the “super-spreader” Supreme Court event at the White House.

Trump did not say he had tested negative for the virus the day of the debate.

“They do a lot of testing at the White House. They test everybody, including me,” Trump said.

“As far as masks are concerned, I’m good with masks. I tell people to wear masks,” he added.

Trump then claimed he saw a study that showed 85 percent of people who wear masks catch the virus, a claim that was immediately questioned by Guthrie.

On a national scale, Trump defended his administration’s response, saying the “cure can’t be worse than the disease,” while blaming the pandemic on China.

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