Trump has 'stoked cold CIVIL WAR in the US and must be voted out', Republican strategist for Bush and McCain says

DONALD Trump is "stoking a cold civil war in the US and must be voted out," a Republican strategist for George Bush and John McCain claimed.

Steve Schmidt, the founder of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project, urged the American people to vote for Joe Biden on Monday.

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Speaking to MSNBC, Schmidt said: "He's the president now and everything that's happened over these last four years, he's responsible for," he said.

"It's on his watch and people understand – at least the majority do – that he's wrecked the country. He is profoundly incompetent and indecent.

"He's divided the country. He's the leader of a faction that's at war with the majority of the country. He's stoked a cold civil war. And Joe Biden offers decency, offers competence and that's why he's going to win."

"Of course the election is about Trump because the tragedy that we're dealing with in this country was caused singularly by Trump's malfeasance [wrongdoing] and incompetence.

"None of this had to be but it is because four years ago there was a real lack of imagination in the American mind about the capacity of this guy to cause a profound tragedy and that's exactly what he did."

Schmidt also claimed that the only reason most the 2016 election lead up focussed on Trump, was because he was losing the election until his triumphant victory.

"Then James Comey made it about Hillary Clinton in the last week by just enough that by 78,000 votes in three states, Donald Trump pulls out this inside straight," the politics expert said.

He was referring to the then FBI director's investigation into Clinton's emails, which were sent from a private server, a probe which was detailed in his October 28 letter to Congress.

Schmit is a GOP strategist who worked on the campaigns of President George W Bush, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the late Arizona Senator John McCain.

Trump has repeatedly slammed Biden for failing to support law enforcement amid widespread protests, riots, and looting.

During his Michigan rally last week, Trump said "lock them all up" after the crowd chanted the phrase about Governor Gretchen Whitmer – a week after the FBI unearthed a plot to kidnap her.

That same day, a pro-Trump activist had his teeth punched out by "Antifa demonstrators" in California.

This follows a summer of Black Lives Matter protests, while the country also battles the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

Despite Schmit's misgivings about Trump, a pollster who predicted the outcome of the 2016 election battle thinks he's on track to be reelected.

There is also the Hunter Biden laptop leak, which revealed his supposed Ukraine and China dealings, as well as a video of him allegedly "smoking crack during a sex act."

 The New York Post published the bombshell scoop last Wednesday and Joe Biden's poll rating has since slipped.

The Biden campaign has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing regarding his son's dealings in Ukraine – and the former VP dismissed the story as a "smear campaign."

But speaking to Fox News host Sean Hannity on Tuesday night, Trafalgar Group chief pollster Robert Cahaly said Trump will probably get another four years, despite Biden's poll lead.

The Trafalgar Group showed Trump  leading in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Michigan on the eve of voting day in 2016 – and he went on to win all three.

Cahaly said Trump would hold Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Georgia, citing the "hidden Trump voters," who are not represented in the polls.

Trump's chances of staying in the White House jumped from 34.8 percent on October 14 to 40 percent as of October 19, according to Oddschecker.

Meanwhile, the former vice president's odds have slipped from 66.7 percent to 61.5 percent over the past few days.

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